About Kill Commander Deck

Hello guys!

I made this post to talk about the Kill Commander Deck. I know this topic can be controversial so let’s keep this discussion clean.

In the past, some changes to V1 were made, like the limit of 3 copies per card in a deck, change of the healer effects, commander HP lowered, and lately the element cards damage.

I personally think that something has to be done about those cards that deal damage to commander HP.
It’s ridiculous how 5 epic/legendary cards can beat any deck in few turns. This is not a common saying, it is real fact. Other players can confirm that.
Some people will say “use healer commander skills” but for sure this is not enough to stop them and I personally don’t want to play a deck only to contrast another one, the meta game will be boring. I think this is a very critical situation. Don’t you agree?

I don’t want to destroy it, it won’t be fair and the NFT value will decrease, and so players entertainment about their kill commander deck.

In a telegram discussion I and other players come out with few solution, and I want to share with you and collect feedbacks.

Here are few solution that we can have:

  • Increase HP Commander;
  • Augment Cool Down for that skill like Capture;
  • Reduce Damage made from skill like Capture and Assassin;

What you guys think about these solution and this topic? Let the community know about!


I suggested reducing the number of cards of the same type to one per the deck. in this way we will completely exclude any abuse of any strategies.

It is also worth revisiting the issue of power limits in decks. I’m talking about the high limit. The team set the low: 3k power - ok. It’s time to think about the top bar.

Skull talkd about 2-1 - 2-3 gen.

When we will reach 3-3 - 3-5 this will be competition of who will start the battle first. Because 3-5 Camilla or Ivy take Commander 50% HP in one shot! ONLY 1 CARD!

We saw all this on test server.

I would like to add my support to skullgrave and Doomed.
(1) Double or even triple commander’s HP. Currently assassin + capture is just too powerful, it can kill any other strategies with ease.
(2) Add the limit of one type - one card in deck. It will make game more fun. Or apply a penalty when there are multiple same type cards.
(3) Put a reasonable highest power limit. So even the few top players can compete with strategies instead of just US dollars. :smile:

Could the development team announce the final decision as soon as possible? This will affect many players’ decision of how to upgrade their cards. Thank you.

I suggest the cool down period of skill “ASSASSIN” be increased to about 14 while also reducing the damage, even at this there’s still the need to increase Commander HP