About New Fusion and Mystery Chest Update

Hello everyone!

Today we got an important update about Card Evolution and Fusion: new Mystery Chests are alive, and the Card Fusion is working!

But on the TG group I have seen some people complaining about some details on this new updates, so I created this post to talk about these new features, so the team can check it in one place!

Here I will leave some useful links:

Thanks for everyone collaboration!


I’ll go first.
IMO the Success Rate on Fusion should be changed, because the shards are very rare to find, and the probability to get an epic/legendary/myth (very low) card is not worth the cost of buying those chests.
0.65% to get 1-2 Myth shard and 6% to get a Myth or NOTHING with 5 Shards.
Maybe it could change the number of Shards needed to create the card and keep a 100% success rate, or decrease the chance to get a shard in the box.

Also the Lucid Super is very rare to find: It would be awesome to get those chest by playing Battle mode or Ragnarok (V1) or in V2 in higher levels.

What do you think?


The idea of passing two probabilities to be able to own a card when you open a chest with a low probability and then when you acumulated 15 epic or 10 legendary for a second attempt to be able to own a high rarity card of nothing, I prefer to buy a legendary o mistic card directly from marquet place.


We have discussion on this today in TG and I menssioned earlier Medium posts dedicated this:

I think it makes sense to give ability to get chests from v1 & v2. I was waiting for this personaly.

Changing percents…hmmm. I think no need. This way we will not lose rarity. And farm process will be long and so the process will not devalue tokenomics assets. But this only if we can get chests from game. Other way (buying on xMarketPlace) it will not be in high demand because to get, for example, only 1-5 Lucid Super we have to open more then 5 hundreds chests… That’s expensive for ordinary player!

I like for example current talents drop. Long and interesting to collect. So does and chest drop I think need to be.


ur’re right. But at some point in future there will no remain good cards on market. And where to get 'em? … nowhere((( So Fusion will be somekind of hope.


In response to the shards why don’t they raise the amount to get myth and the amount of lucid to get a myth without problems.
Example 7k from xwg and 20 million lucid to get a 100% safe myth that will help the xworld ecosystem and motivate players to get a safe myth


this could be a great idea. Also chest drop from games would be a cool feature.
Also make the possibility to buy more chest at time. Gas fees are too high to buy a lot of chest. Buying 10, 50 or 100 at time would attract more people to buy it for sure.


I think that motivating the market in that way would explode the sales and xworld game. he would have his trade in Alsa with a lower cost in fes and more coins making a safe purchase to the player. how limited time characters are the best characters everyone would buy.

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Completly agree, lucid super and magic and shards in V2 would be greatđź‘Ť