Addinitional comission on Equiepment mint


Have a question.

While I was minting dreamBox with equipment I saw that besides the network comission (that always near 0,0013 bnb) there is another ‘fee’ that goes (as it said on bscscan) ‘to receipient’. Can’t attach screen shot here, so copy-paste string:

The amount of BNB to be transferred to the recipient with the transaction.

This is not any kind of network fees. This sum goes to devs along as 20 xwg tokens

So dreamBox at the end costs not 20 xwg (20*0.075=1,5 usd) but 
0.000863496 BNB ($0.32)
0.0013 BNB ($0.49)
20 xwg (20*0.075=1,5 usd)
2,31 usd

…ok 0.0013 bnb - network comission.
But 0,49 - this is 30% more then it said on dreambox price

This could be no problem if Box cost 5 or 10 or 15 usd. But it cost 1,5 usd. And that why it cost becomes higher and player can’t makes clear calculation of his expenses.

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Here is the screenshot of today’s trx:

Hi! The request is not clear to me. Binance NFT is unusable. My language difficulties are helped by translate. Sorry for the mistakes!

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