Bounty Hunter Suggestion/Recommendation

Since Expedition will be close on January 15th, we can expect a huge drop of APR in upcoming seasons of Bounty Hunter. But I came up with an idea.

What if the cards aside from demand combinations will no longer get a hashrates?

Only those cards that is listed in “Demand Combination” will get a hashrates. In that case, cards will become collectibles. Investors/players need to hold a certain cards if he/she wants to join every season of Bounty Hunter.

there is also “Demand Quality” and “Demand Element” that we can use as a variety aside from “Demand Combination”

“Demand Quality” can demand a card with certain rarity (Only Rare and above can join this particular season for example)

and “Demand Element” in the other hand can demand a card with certain element (Only Earth Elements regarding of its rarity can join for example)

if this happened, the reward pool of 2,800,000 every season of Bounty Hunter will surely inexhaustible. The remaining XWG token in every season can use to add to the next pool or we can recycle it to put into earnings reward.

Let me hear your thoughts and opinions regarding this and what do you think will be the pros and cons of this. Thank you



I will try to give my humble opinion on the proposals you make, in passing thank you for the details you have provided:

Only those cards that is listed in “Demand Combination” will get a hashrates. In that case, cards will become collectibles. Investors/players need to hold a certain cards if he/she wants to join every season of Bounty Hunter.

I really like this proposal which would limit the abuse and the drain of hashrate by teams that are not concerned.

“Demand Quality” can demand a card with certain rarity (Only Rare and above can join this particular season for example)

on this point I do not agree, the difficulty is too increased, too few players have a rare / epic team, it would be frustrating for many players or in this case (maybe ask for a single card of a particular rarity to validate the whole team? in this case the reward should be greatly increased)

“Demand Element” in the other hand can demand a card with certain element (Only Earth Elements regarding of its rarity can join for example)

this is a track to explore, I tend to agree on the principle, but the difficulty must be equal to the reward, so it should be increased in this specific case.




It doesn’t look good to apply only the hash rate of the card corresponding to the combination.

It’s very difficult to get cards with high levels of rarity.
If the hard-won high rare card does not fall under the combination, it becomes a useless card.

This is a very difficult problem. We need to think about it together.


Hey. Thanks for your time to reply.

In terms of my “Demand Quality” suggestions, it is reasonable if we could block a common cards once every 4-6 season from joining BH. it is to give holders of rare cards and above a real benefits of having high cost cards

in Demand Element, 1/5 of card circulation joining Bounty Hunter is honestly huge. I coudn’t think any scenario which we can include the demand element. so I’ll leave it to them.

I really appreciate your insight :heart:

Bounty Hunter is a special feature of the previous Expedition. It is safe to say that only “special” cards can enter BH.

but you also got a point. rare cards and above has a very limited supply compare to common cards which is 80% of Dream Card’s circulation if im not mistaken

In that case, we can only block common cards that are not in the demand combinations (not including the Binance cards coz they also have a few circulating supply)

and rare cards and above can safely join the Bounty Hunter whatever character it is

in this way, common cards abuser wont have the chance to drained the APR and common cards will now become collectibles having a usecase in Bounty Hunter in every season


In my opinion, it is very unfair if BH has more advantages for cards that have more levels, if so, common card holders will prefer to leave, which will result in a decrease in the value of xwg. Regarding the decrease in APR, it is not a problem because the owner of a card with a higher level has more hashrate than the usual so that is fair. The problem is that if everyone thinks about staking without thinking this is a game, why was the XWG game made because initially it was a game, and staking was an additional feature that was given. there are still many features that can produce both from games, elo, missions and even 2.0 not only by staking.

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I don’t think it’s democratic enough for old card holders

Im also an old card holder. too bad I didn’t bought those epic-legendary card during genesis sale.

I have 50+ rares, 10epics and 4 legendaries atm

And I am also holding 200 common cards (40 basic characters with complete 5 elements each) as a collectibles.

But I dont mind banning those common and only listed in the demand combination can join bounty 🤷 (also for the sake of small investors that’s why we shouldn’t get rid commons at all)

I just dont want the airdrop abuser get what they want.

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yes, you have quite a lot of high rarity cards, some of them don’t have

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Good opinion, good conditions for early entrants, but difficult tasks for new users.

The influx of new users is important, so it’s not something to decide hastily. I hope you find an appropriate alternative through DAO.


How to solve?
decrease common reward…
if common 10x combo get 5K hashrate,similar like +4000% from value card.
should rare and above if 10x if get combo +4000% from value card.
rarity holder not fun, if common free player get more than rarity holder.

so how to solve? decrease common reward, and buff rarity card. make people buy card rarity or above. not just spam from new wallet.


no. lowering the bonus hashrate after qualifying to the demand combination is not the solution. abuser can still put all of his common cards and earned more than the holders of higher rarity cards

even rare has a chance to get up to 12,010 per team combination if you meet the demand of
base hashrates of 10 rare (6,360)
bond combination (3,200)
element combination (500)
quality combination (1,950)

that’s why I suggest to block common cards from entering BH that is not in the bond combination list because it will make common cards worth hodling that can be use for the next seasons of BH

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go at here

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the small investors (those who only afford to buy 1 team of demand combination) will also be affected if you lowered the bonus hashrate.

bonus hashrate is in there because you have to collect a certain cards to have it. It is like a reward for completing a task.

NOT TO MENTION EACH CHARACTERS HAS LIMITED SUPPLY TOO. It means even common will become less in the market, forcing players/investors to hold the cards for the upcoming seasons

So if we block commons that is not in the Demand Combination list instead of lowering the bonus hashrates, we can prevent spammers to put all of his cards in the BH. That also means only few common cards will have small share in the Bounty Hunter Pool.

Even commons will be collectibles in the future. That’s for sure.

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currently The Quality Bonus is not proportional to the cards rarity…
it gave too much advantage for commons.

        common   rare    epic   legend   Myth

Base 48 636 1273 3182 6363
Bonus 100 130 190 190 220

as we can see it’s a huge 208% hike for commons but merely 3% for Myth, which is unfair for rarity card holders… an improved version shall have Bonus point proportional to cards reference,

for example: 100, 1325, 2652, 6629, 13256


For Bond Bonus, we shall allow higher rarity cards to get the bond with less cards.
a 10cards combo is almost impossible to be formed with rare~myth cards.

for example:
10cards bonding for common,
5cards bonding for rare and above
3cards bonding for Epic and above
2cards bonding for >lengend


but 10 rare cards can have a quality bonus of 19,875 hashrate alone. not even added the element bonus and much higher than 3,200 bonus hashrate for completing the quality bond.

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My 2 cents… adjusting the quality bonus is probably the best idea. As a very new player to the game, I’ve already found that it can get expensive just trying to get started. For 1 there aren’t a lot of low level players to be matched against so you lose a lot. You are basically forced to dump money into either rare or better cards that start at $40 each or you buy some $3 cards and put them in BH and hope to start making some money so that you can get rare or better cards some day. You can’t use the cards you buy at first in battle because you can only use 1 card until you move up to L2 and so on… I can see how long time players can use this to their advantage as well but it has to be fair if not favor the new players or you will end up with a game like Defi Kingdoms where it costs a new player $800 just to get their first hero and the game can’t possibly grow.


I think there is no problem at all. ~50-90% of common cards will remain (for now) in the expedition - the commission for their return is too high. Rare and higher cards will likely become cheaper - making them more accessible to Bounty Hunters.

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Yes, I agree, if you only think about the holders without thinking about how to get new consumers interested and take part in this project, it will actually sink this project in the future. at least it is enough to provide economic balance, such as giving its own advantages for cards that have a higher rarity than those below it.

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