Bounty Hunter Suggestion/Recommendation

If Common card reward will decrease, there will no any profit. You can calculate


After end Bounty Hunter VALUE OF 10 CARDS - SELLING FEE

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it is still huge bonus if they remove the quality bond for common cards (1,500 bonus if 10 commons)

Quality bond: 3,200
base hashrate of 10 common cards: 480
element bonus: 500 (same elements)

total of 4,180 Hashrate for 10 common cards.

personally, im okay with that. together with blocking common cards that is not in the demand list + removing quality bond for commons means a HUGE FAVOR for higher rarity cards because technically, commons will have a small share in 200,000xwg/day in reward pool

it is also good for common card holders. the hashrate will be exclusive only to those who hold a cards for certain season and hashrate will not divide into other commons

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10 Card Value (Average $3.5 per card) $35.00
10 Card Gas fee ($0.78 per card) $7.80
Staking fee $6.00
Unstaking fee $6.00
LOSS $3.56
10 Card sold after Bounty Hunter end (Average price $2) $20.00
10 Card selling gas fee (0.78 per card $7.80
Income from card sell $12.20
Net profit $8.64
Same element 10 card Hashrate 5680
APR average 168%
14 days income in XWG 366 XWG
Total income in Dollar (Rate $0.14 per XWG) 51.24
![image 411x365](upload://ccqNy9CQ8AO0gFu4CPlqzSu2wKW.png)

Very good, tnx for share it!
But in my case i calculated the real APR average today and it was 92%

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you dont have to include the price of buying cards to determine whether you profit or not. it is part of an investment and you dont think you can ROI in just 1 season, do you? even if it takes about 3 season (45 days) to return your investment in just cards, it is still good.

you can still use that card multiple times (after few seasons) if you dont sell it. and starting from that, you are all gain.

staking fee is 0.0124 bnb (10 cards)
unstaking fee is 0.005 bnb

total of 0.0174 BNB for staking/unstaking
(8.21usd as of now)

5,680 base hashrate and 168% APR, you’ll gain 366 xwg in 14 days.

$51.24 (.14 per XWG) profit in 14 days
minus the staking/unstaking fee of $8.21,

profit of $43.03 in 1 season (that’s alot for just a “dirt card” isn’t it?)

you will get back you investment in cards in just few season and can still earn if you dont sell the cards.

now try to compute if the quality bond will be remove. ( -1,500)

from a total hashrate of 5,680 down to 4,130

that’s 37.26usd - 8.21usd(gas fee) = 29.05 profit

not to mention APR wont drop that low if other commons (not in the demand list) will be banned from getting hashrate…

A big investor will not sell his card after end of Bounty hunter but a small investor will sell his card and buy new combination for the next Bounty hunter.

are you ok? if 1season not roi= not profitable???
joker idea what about rarer cards? so u say all should get free bh card airdrop and keep making money with common right?
people with no money entitled to keep making money for free and people invest serves volunteer and donate money for small investor to make? funny. have you got any idea how long does it take for rare,epic,legendary and myth to ROI the purchase cost because APR so low pool dilution with common card?

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that’s what I said to him. even if you didn’t ROI at current season, as long as you HOLD the card, you can use it multiple times. and can sell at higher price even if its only common once it became collectibles due to limited supply

I beg me pardon but you are doing common quality card promotion. People who stake common cards are already receive HUGE benefit compared to higher rarity cards holders. You spent 20$ on deck and joined game for short time so you can drop investment at any moment once APR go low but there are people who invested thouthands $$ for long time and holding MYTH cards and these people will be unable to make a bond to stake them? To kick out most faithful players… Is this what you suggest here?

Common cards are already have 1000% bonus you want more?
How about people who invested into longtime and bought myth cards? Myth is hard to be bonded.
Bond only suggestion must be rejected otherwise longtime investors simply leave project.

did you read the whole conversation? if not, read again. BOND ONLY SUGGESTION is only applicable with common cards because 88% of card’s circulation is COMMON.

Again, it is suggested that only those Common Cards from Demand List Combination can gain a hashrate to prevent Newbie Airdrop abuser to drain the APR of Bounty Hunter Pool

88.12% of 1 million cards is COMMON.

so if only 1/4 of them (only 10 out of 40 basic cards per season) can get a hashrate and the other 30 basic characters won’t, that’s a win-win scenario for common cards collector and high rarity cards holder

the newbie airdrop abuser cant put the other cards beside the cards in demand list combination and
pool wont dropped its APR too much.

geez 1/4 of 88.12% is 22.03%

imagine the huge impact in bounty hunter if only 22.03% (1/4) common card can enter the bounty hunter and the remaining 66.09% (3/4) other common cards should’ve wait their turns.

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Thanks for agreeing with some of us.

To be honest this method is much better than opening another pool that gives 50,000 XWG a day or 1.5 million a month

that’s a total of 7,100,000 XWG reward a month including 2 seasons of Bounty Hunter and 1 season of X-Pool

adding one more pool that still benefits common cards abuser is insane and ridiculous

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not to mention, as of writing this, there is only 570,000 circulating supply of DreamCards. if 22% or only less than 124,500 COMMON CARDS can get a hashrate and the other common cards doesn’t, man that will be satisfying :rofl:

I mean, who wouldn’t love that?

DAO useless for what we post?
new pool another common feast. Sold all of my cards shortly after my last post here and never regret. project that don’t value investors never success. im stack 10myths for 63630 hash rate and people stake only 300 common card for same hash hopeless project developers think money is free

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Good day Sir @edwin_xwg

I saw that you are liking some of the comments and suggestions here. and @N_is_Near 's idea is one the best recommendation that I saw.

DAO is one of the important feature of XWG and community is useless without the leaders itself.

We, as a community, also wanted to know your insight regarding this. too many people shared their opinons and yours is also important. Let us know your thoughts about this one.

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I’m updating this thread to the team.



LFG! :fire::fire::fire:

This suggestion is the real meaning of “X-Collector”

Benefits those who bought a collector cards

Reward those who hold high rarity cards

Rekt those who abuse the XWG Ecosystem!

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10 myth card’s staking and unstaking fee only cost 0.0225 BNB generating ±3,000 XWG per season.

while 300 common cards will give the same hashrate and the same reward as 10 myth cards but will cost 0.675 BNB to stake/unstake

Myth cards still has 30x more profit than 300 common cards.

This is what a real DAO is :fire:

It is really great that devs and founders are listening to us. We can set a poll on twitter or tg to see if this idea is approved by majority of the community.

Thank you so much Sir @edwin_xwg