Celebrate Dream V1’s first anniversary and win exclusive $XWG rewards!

Did you know? On June 24th, 1 year ago, Dream Card V1 launched! :crown:

:birthday: It’s our 1-year anniversary & we want to celebrate! :tada:

We will be officially launching the Ragnarök Season this Friday! + we will be hosting multiple giveaway events for new players and veteran players who have been with us from the start :heart:

Find out if you are eligible for a share of 300,000 $XWG of in-game props, or win a share of 300,000 $XWG rewards! :arrow_right: HERE (Dream Card v1 Anniversary Event Guide! | X World Games)


Happy birthday DC1 :partying_face:…and…Wow, just wow!

The event is great, i just transfered a lot of cards to my V1 wallet…while ragnarok season this will be my focus.

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