DC V2 - Claiming daily rewards has a lot of fail transactions / confirmations

Hey team :v:

when I try to open the daily reward chests there are some which don’t open. I attached 2 files, in the first you see 3 confirmed, but 2 chests are still unopened…and it costs quiet a lot fees.

Secod file from my second wallet is almost the same…

I just tried again, no chance. I have to ignore the chests, even with patiently waiting. I can not estimate where the issue is, I could imagine that it’s caused when the chests contains something other than lucid (for example lucid super) …maybe you have to increase the fees at that point, but it seems more like an endless loop.

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Noted. Could you contact me on Telegram? So, I can provide your proper assistance. Thanks~

Sure, thank you! Done…

Have the same problem.
Use TockenPocket wallet. Hate it so much. Glich and bad UX. Also does not work with VPN…