DCv2.0 - Early Game Review - P2E?

Hello Team, All,

I would just like to share my experience with DCv2.0.


  • The art and gameplay is great. This would be the play style I would be fond of playing on a daily basis.
  • Entry Cards are affordable.


  • The content and play time is limited with adventure and is currently blocked by a pay wall (tickets).
  • Levels doesn’t seem to have a story? we just enjoy watching the battle system.
  • P2E mechanic is unclear. No clear computation or information on how much XWG will be earned per Chest Reward.
  • Players will have to manage Tickets and Transaction Fees first before they can start upgrading or buying weapons or new units.
  • Upgrade Cost is very costly vs rewards.
  • Currently, for me its currently a Play to Lose game. Pay to Win/Earn.
  • Fees, fees, fees.

I’ll try to play again for a few more days and see if it will get any better. If not, Staking would probably be better and just play a different P2E game while waiting for game updates.

Looking forward for future updates. – Thanks!