DCv2.0 - Suggestion - Fees and Rewards

Hello Dev Team, All,

I would just like to share my inputs on how we can improve our game.

Goal: Address the issues of gas fees which hurts the overall earnings as a P2E game.

  1. Centralized Reward Chest - Instead of awarding separate chests for each clear of a Level, rewards can be pooled in one chest in the inventory instead. This way, claiming the rewards does not need to go directly to Adventure to claim all the accumulated rewards.

Target Resolution: Remove the fees for multiple chest opening and the claiming of the accumulated rewards in Adventure.

  1. Ticket System - currently, in order to play an Adventure Level, we need to buy tickets worth 15 XWG. This is a pay wall in order to start playing the game which hurts low budget players. The players are forced to balance their XWG consumption with tickets, unit upgrades, weapon pulls, character buying which actually limits their playing time with respect to XWG budget.
  • Ticket Costs can be made lower or at least scaling according to difficulty/rewards so that new players will have easier opportunity to either upgrade or buy new units to progress in to the game.
  • Tickets can be made a consumable item which can be bought at multiple increments to alleviate the use of gas fees for each ticket bought.
  • or remove the Ticket System behind Adventure Stages and instead put a %Tax or Fixed XWG Fee on rewards gained per Level completion.

Target Resolution: Ease of playability to new players and reduce gas fees.

Hope this help! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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if you think so then you don’t think what to fill in the reward pool per chapter, the gas fee incurred is a source of additional rewards in the pool. If you only think of an easy earning mechanism without thinking about the circulation of rewards, how do you deal with the void of the reward pool?

the benefit of the reward depends on how many players can complete each section, and I think the very easy completion of parts 1 and 2 which can be completed using only 3 to 4 heroes causes many players to create multiple accounts and results in reduced rewards, even for part 3 simply by upgrading a 2-star hero and you can complete that part

so it would be better to make a system that can detect multi-account usage

Hi Nara86,

Thanks for the response and Greetings!

The game lacked preliminary info and tutorial for players to learn more about the game. Both the card mechanic and P2E mechanic (reward pool) were not explained so a part of the gamers would probably just jam/buy easily accessible cards and try to multi-account as they think they are gaining greater income that way.

For the community to provide a much more relevant opinion and suggestions, maybe make some of the mechanics more visible and clear to us.

For the multi-account piece, i know this is the hardest part of the P2E community and I agree to also create a detection mechanism for multi-account users. Is it possible to bind wallets with KYC? and possibly detect reuse of requirements, personal info etc. – do you have any comments or suggestions for this?

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In my opinion, to handle multi-account problems, you can apply the following system:

  1. apply the standard of difficulty in part 2 and above which can reduce the player’s interest in creating multi accounts, so that players will feel burdened if doing multi-account creation because the cost required is greater if you want to generate more income in part 2 and above.

this is because for part 1-2 only with 3-5 heroes can easily complete the part making the players will damage the economic system in the game project

  1. because it is not easy to create a system that can track multiple accounts because it will limit new players from being able to enter, specifically for DC 2.0 it may be possible to apply a limit on the number of xwg withdrawals. so that multi-accounts, which are mostly at lower levels, are not easy to withdraw profits by creating multi-accounts because it takes a relatively long time to get profits

As for now I think the initial stages should be much harder to punish bots and abused common cards.
Also we should have a new intermediate stages since the difficulty is too high for those who have good decks but not full 3rd gen. You can see that between Stage 5-6-7. Where most decks are now stuck.
We currently have A LOT of people stuck at Stage 6, but not too many doing Stage 7. Since this means there’s a huge deck gap between stages, which should be looked into, making and intermediate stage or leaving the option to the user to “end the chapter” and gain depending on his efforts done the entire chapter.

Considering this is still in Beta I guess they can add tons of stages later, even completely change the ones from the Beta and resets everyone´s progress.

Anyway, lack of explanation and transparency are very detrimental to any game, they should compile a proper wiki or have tutorial levels and specially explain how rewards works, considering blockchain technology is new and people are gonna be pouring real money into this game it´s at least expected once the definitive edition is out, otherwise you may have pissed gamers asking for refunds ^^

Rewards feedback and suggestion.

I confirm reward chest issue. In fact reward chest is a nonsense. Let me explain.

  1. After player won the mission game send reward chest on his wallet.
  2. Player have nothing to do with reward chest except open it but to open player have to send it back to game.
  3. When game receive reward chest back (open chest ingame) it generate some virtual ingame reward.
  4. After that player have to claim reward again to his wallet.

We simply send reward from game to wallet and to wallet into the game and then back to wallet. Why it done like that?

Please consider possibility to change mechanics and remove the reward chest completely so player is simply receive XWG at his wallet after round ended.

Positive about suggestion

  1. Players already very much annoyed with the reward chest because it require a lot of fee to gain reward after hard working. Keep things like that will slowly turn annoy into angry. Please avoid that.
  2. Future. What if BNB pump x5 and 1BNB=2000USD? 1$ fee will turn into 5$ fee so you will need to increase mission rewards to compensate fee. Players will still sell XWG for BNB to refill their gas but this time they will sell more which will significantly boost token inflation. Please avoid that.

Thank you for reading my feedback.