Dream Card Game Guide Contest Winner Announcement

Dear XWG Fam,

We’re happy to announce our final winners of the game guide contest. Due to less-than-expected contest participants (13 only), we decided to merge the video & writing categories and increase the top 3 winners’ rewards.

So here’s the winner list you guys are long waiting for:

Platinum ($500-value XWG + V1/V2 Items + Community Feature Opportunities):


Gold ($300-value XWG + V1/V2 Items + Community Feature Opportunities):


Silver ($150-value XWG + V1/V2 Items + Community Feature Opportunities):

@cap1osmokaess , @Nikoichi

XWG Spirit ($50-value XWG + V2 Items):

@namnv89 , @Kioku , @skyfly197 , @Tidus , @pencaricuan , @fortune2k1 , @t01521r

Participation Reward (V1 Items):

@JITHUM1 , @Dinethmadu

We’re aware that there are some spam votings and contents without originality & creativity, so such submissions will be withdrawn from obtaining top rewards.

Our lovely @xwg_sasha will be contacting each participant to collect the wallet address through the community forum, and the rewards will be delivered in 15 days!

Please be expected!

Thank you for all XWG members’ participation, and we’re looking to host this type of event more frequently in the near future.

– Team XWG


THANKS XWG :heart:. Still waiting for next event in xwg


Thanks XWG, even though I don’t play V1 I’ve been with xwg for 8 months now, :smile: it can be said that this is the first game when I join the gamefi industry and it’s also the only game I’ve been in for so long. (Usually I only participate in other games for 1 or 2 months). Hope the team will release more games in the future, not only for the “earn”, but also for the “play”. :grin: If I have a chance I will make more tutorials when the new version comes out.
Failure will help you grow. Success also comes out! Good luck!


Congratulations mate. :wave: :wink:

And thanks to those who voted for my content also! :grinning:


won’t let you down! rili appreciate with the nice work for the community!


Wow nice! Big thanks to the XWG team.

I’m really glad that I started this journey with you. If I look at my NFT collection and P2E play times you are definitely my #1. :+1:


thank you! I am very happy to help the community and glad to win the prize! will work harder to make XWG great :slight_smile:


All rewards distributed?

Not yet as far as I know.

yaaa! still need a while!! the team’s too busy with the update. Don’t worry, will get them distributed for sure! :slight_smile:

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Very nice from you that you took the time to update us :+1: Thank you!

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truly apologize! :smiling_face_with_tear:

and all the video/writing contents are being organized, and will add to the official collection one by one!

also in contact with @RayZ_real for the interview :stuck_out_tongue:

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Will distribute this week or next week?

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Rewards should be all distributed! Happy shopping! :shopping_cart::shopping_cart::shopping_cart::shopping_cart::shopping_cart: