Dream Card v2: LUCID Launch and Project Vapor

X World Games re-defined their new path to the future

Dream Card v2: LUCID Launch and Project Vapor

XWorld Games will be launching LUCID and Project Vapor on Dream Card v2 in the upcoming server maintenance period at 08:00 UTC , on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 . The server will be offline for 9 hours , please expect a longer than usual maintenance period.

LUCID: XWG’s New Play-to-Earn

LUCID: Rewards Take-over

Our new LUCID tokenomics will be the primary play-to-earn rewards asset in the new game update. It will replace the existing XWG rewards, equipment, and equipment dust drops found in Dream Card v2.

Dream Card v2 Level Rewards, the games treasure boxes, will now only include LUCID, talent cards, and lottery tickets. LUCID rewards will be claimed from each level-clearing interface.

Project Vapor — Gas Fee Reduction

Project Vapor: Gas Fee Reduction

XWG is excited to bring you the new rewards claiming mechanism and game update, ‘Project Vapor’. We will take another step towards tackling one of the biggest problems our players have been facing, GAS FEES.

To reduce unpredictable gas fees that players have been experiencing, we will be updating multiple gameplay mechanisms in DreamCard v2 to be off-chain transactions. By making these changes, we will reduce fees and user experience friction by storing the transaction mechanisms and game data on our servers.

Gameplay Mechanisms updated in Project Vapor

Tickets Fees

This process reduces the amount of handling fees required while buying tickets in adventure mode. Instead of paying extra handling fees for each subsequent ticket, the player is required to pay the handling fee once when they are ready to claim their rewards. This will substantially lower gas fees. Yes, you will no longer need to sell your $XWG to pay off your transaction fees.

New Treasure Box Backpack

Treasure Box Functions

The distribution of the level-clearing rewards, Treasure Boxes, will now be off-chain and on our servers. The server will calculate and store the relevant data of treasure box points, the current round, the score of each chapter in this round, and the reward for this round, to determine what rewards will be distributed. By taking this off-chain, players will only be charged a handling fee upon collecting their rewards when they wish to claim.

The Treasure Box Interface will be updated to display the amount of LUCID accumulated and gas required to extract for players to claim their rewards. By clicking the ‘Use’ button, players can extract and obtain the contents in their Treasure Box rewards.

Treasure Box Backpack

An off-chain Treasure Box Backpack is added, which can contain up to 100 boxes and be accessed from the main menu. If there is an un-opened and before-updated box, players can access it from the new Backpack, on the lower right corner (Previous Treasury) of the interface.

New Talent Backpack Interface

Talent Backpack

A Talent Backpack will be added which displays Talent Rewards i.e, NFT reward and Talent Debris rewards. Talent rewards will go to this backpack and can be transferred on-chain afterward.

Two buttons will be added:

  • Claim Talent — Players can then select a talent card to claim. If a card is not selected, the game will remind you to do so with this prompt — “You must select at least one reward.”
  • Claim Talent Debris — All the debris is collected and stored and can be extracted all at once.

Lottery Box overhaul

The lottery box will also be moved off-chain (stored in the server). Once you clear the chapter, there’s a chance one lottery box will be added to your treasure box. You claim the rewards of the lottery box at the same time you do for the treasure box. This will once again take away the hassle of dealing with handling fees separately for lottery boxes.

We are excited to be launching LUCID on Dream Card v2, the first step in our full Dream Card tokenomics change. If you want to learn more, please read our articles on:

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Introducing LUCID! X World Games’ New In-Game Asset

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These will get you up to speed on all the LUCID information and our new P2E2S model.

With the Project Vapor update, we aim to correct and solve some of the problems our players have been experiencing with this new rewards claiming mechanism. Progress takes time, and we are determined to continue to strategize and execute well-thought-out plans in order to grow a sustainable game economy and provide a frictionless user experience.

These newest game updates will come into effect at 08:00 UTC , on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, during our 9+ hour Dream Card v2 server maintenance.

We are excited to bring you this update and get you guys playing ASAP. Share your thoughts and we will answer them! We hope that these changes make the Chapter grinding even more ‘rewarding’.