Dream Cards 2.0 not profitable enough? Share your setup and gas fee costs

Hey. I have seen the Spanish community talking how much they have to spend in order to do stages and receive their awards and not being profitable or almost end up in losses.

So in order to readjust things, we could make up here some positive post and give details to the team so they know what’s going on with detail. Use this template:

Example →
What’s your deck and their rarity: Gaia Gen1 Star2 common, Smego Gen2 Star2 rare, Liz Gen1 Star4 epic
What stages are you actually doing: Chapter 2, part 10
How much did you pay on fees: 0.001bnb
How much did you earn: 50xwg/$7,32$

Let’s go.


It is difficult to make “some positive post”. For ex, stage 3: ticket 25 XWG, gaz to buy ticket 0,25$. Chest: 36 XWG, gaz to open it 0,65$. In fine you are negative when you do convertion from XWG to stable coin…

You don’t make a negative post when you give enough data to the developers in order to give them enough info to start working on. Negative posts come when people only complain but don’t give details in order to fix or adapt things. This is the way. :wave: :wink: