ELO low level deck problem

Hello to everyone,

In the Dream Card V1 2022 S1 ELO a lot of players complained about two low level deck that arrived at the second and third position by playing againist each other.
This episode discouraged the high level players and we asked some update about it, but now that the S2 has begun with no changes, i suggest this:

  • To claim your prize, you should battle 10 (or more…) different players in the ELO mode.

What you think about it? Do you think ELO needs some changes? Do you have any other solution?

Let’s discuss about it!

I will tell you lots of us already discussed this but nothing happened. the issue tackled first at xwg’s seperate group and we all suggest and recommend some of ideas but still, nothing happened.

I think they are already have plan how to solve this issue. but unfortunately, there are lots of things that needs to solve first. let’s give devs time to implement what will benefits all of us.

imo, ELO should have been postponed until the patch update. It can continue together with the No Exp Lose update to prevent that abuser

ps. mods and admins were also in that group before

what if the opponent who appears on ELO is only that account, for example:

  • at 7 AM, he used the chance to battle 2 times on player A then he stopped
  • at 12 PM he tried to use it again but what appears on the suggestion screen is that there are several players, one of which is still player A, because he is only strong against player A then he will use the opportunity to return to player A
  • at 7 PM, he battled again with some players but still he met player A again

because ELO uses a point system, it is possible that the same person will also see an opportunity if they are able to defeat players who both can beat each other will try to rise.

I think maybe it would be better to use a random system based on lvl commander regarding the display of battle suggestions so that it is fair and cannot be manipulated