Exp Rollback Function

Good day once again

As an OG of DreamCards, I made a mistake by leveling up a few cards without thinking because of the Expedition Pool benefits once they stake in there.

I do have lots of 2gen common cards but unfortunately, they aren’t that strong in terms of upcoming PvP patch update

So here is my suggestion. What if there is an EXP ROLLBACK FUNCTION (not RECYCLE and absolutely no one wants to buy them in marketplace either)

atleast 75 to 80% of XWG used will be refunded and it will back the cards in its base hashrate.


  • Players can experiment and try to level up their cards and if they changed their mind, they can get the XWG back
  • 20 to 25% of XWG used will be back to XWG Pool (imagine if thousands of cards use this function. this is equivalent to XWG burning and that is healthy in the ecosystem)