First week of Ragnarok release, here's the feedback and thoughts

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The first week of Ragnarok is gonna end in a few hours so I wanna give out some needed feedback to devs also to see what community thinks.

Overall what I have seen is an huge gap among big investors and smaller one’s. I personally play with the cards I been using over V2, so I don’t own a full deck of 10, just 7 cards. Rest are staking because I don’t wanna pull em out, I would lose rewards.

Quality over Quantity

By far I’ve only faced one player that matches my current deck power(Piolini) and I find the game pretty challenging when this does happen, he’s using 10 cards while I use only 7. And I can pretty tell you cards always work better Quality over Quantity. Since deployed cards inside game are limited to 5, there’s always better to max out cards power, that’s a little tip.

I think the work behind the scenes to do this huge update has been a good great job.
But still, this does need some management on some characters.

Assasins like Xayah and Fiona are pretty OP on V1, but not really great on V2.

  1. The issue with V1 with both cards is that there’s no card that can counter them, even tank cards that are mostly designed to deal with explosive damage are quite ineffective. Their 4º skill CRIT damage is too much and should be revised.
  2. On other hand, on V2, most of assasins due positioning tend to die too quick.

Bugs, privacity and other related things

As you can see in this screenshot(already reported), accessing time for some users seem bugged and some had the chance of playing more games than those who accessed after maintenance. If anyone didn’t knew there was a bug that didn’t allow players to play Ragnarok.

For example, those with a red circle joined anytime (undetermined) before maintenance and have been able to play an undetermined quantity of games. Taking advantage on the leaderboard, those with orange circle too, since maintenance ended up nearly 15:20.

This is not to blame or point to anyone, but only to make it reach the dev Team and make it fair for everyone next Season, since we’re early on this.

Some skills are useless not worth

There’s one Skill called EXPERIENCE that does not serve any purpose. It should be removed.


I been for long on crypto and mostly people I had the chance to know, do like privacity, stay anonymous, so exposing their wallets may look to em a way to expose them. I don’t know if showing partially wallets it’s a way from the Team to show transparency on what’s going on with the game, but as I said I don’t know if the majority doesn’t like this. This is only a personal thought.

Rewards, not a single player should keep the most rewards

The way the rewards are supposed to be delivered on End Season look really unfair not only because ONE single player will take over 700,000XWG, but because the snowball effect this may have on the economy, players behavior and community.

By making a few numbers, if a single player becomes the champion and takes the big price he will literally be able to almost make another full deck of Gen3, which indeed leaves no chance for others to keep up or have a chance against him next season. Games by definition are kept alive thanks to their community, so the prices should be equally shared by the time/effort.

If 1 player does take over 700,000XWG.
And other 16 players take over 700,000XWG (43,750 shared), that’s an HUGE difference.

Also, everyone that’s gonna be a daily involved player within the ecosystem will have or it’s gonna have up to 4500 available games to play within 90 days. But at the end, on last brackets phase, less than 5 games are gonna decide if you end up at the top1 against the other 16 players.

Just imagine the feeling, after playing 4500 games or let’s put, half of them, the immense number of hours that this represents and cannot hold an important site on the ladder.

Leaving rewards to a single player, will create an effect on the community to stop playing the Season after a while because they will not see a purpose to keep trying. I suggest strongly to take a deep look on this and make a more fair floor on the top rewards, so people end up being interested to atleast try to end up in the top 5. The most standard on games usually is top1(gold), top2(silver),top3(bronze).

And also, we should have a more long term vision here, even if we actually have a gap among investors, let’s imagine we don’t have it in the future, let’s put on the table the top16 do have an equal deck power, again, a few matches on the latest bracket shouldn’t make such reward gap, but let the players feel they are rewarded based on effort,money and time invested.

YOU’RE A PLAYER??!! Share your thoughts, so your feedback and make it visible

If you agree or don’t fully agree with me doesn’t matter, share your feedback so we make this game better.
And if you do belong to the Team, developer or whatever, tell us also how and why you make some decisions!
@edwin_xwg @Kata_XWG


Nunca más errado de la realidad vos tidus en primer lugar deberías ver qué siempre te quejas de cosas y nunca aportas nada bueno a la comunidad en segundo lugar el desarrollo está bien hecho pero cuando hay distintos horarios en los países no coinciden con otros ahora bien tu dices que juegas con 7 cartas yo te veo jugando en cualquier horario igual que yo de hecho emparejas casi siempre conmigo yo tengo comandante level 15 y no tengo la baraja que tenés vos. Sin embargo hay un gran problema en el sistema de recompensas cuando hablamos de tener 50 batallas de raknarok deben cumplirse para todos y hacer como se dijo en su momento con v2 límite para todos 50 batallas por día en tu caso te vi peleando más de 100 batallas por día y eso no lo dijiste. Pero claro nombras a distintos usuarios que se beneficiaron de el mantenimiento. Yo me preocuparía primero por ver cómo mejorar todo y no por qué ganas con tus 7 cartas que te perdiste unas batallas el tablero de ranking dice todo lo contrario. Ahora bien la gran inquietud que existe es que hay 7 minutos por batallas y en Lord no ganas puntos, llegado el momento en king perderás puntos y pierdes 70 minutos en 10 batallas para perder puntos me parece que seguimos con el mismo problema que v1 Con la pérdida de experiencia de las cartas pelear al punto que perdes puntos no sirve para seguir jugando yo tengo comandante 15 habiendo invertido en el unos 600 dólares o más ya no recuerdo pero eso debería ser más productivo para que todos avanzen no solo el que gana si el que gana solo llega a el 1 llegado el momento no podrá seguir jugando con nadie por qué nadie va a querer jugar para ser degradado su título eso es lo más relevante que hay que solucionar antes de decir que hicieron más batallas que tu por qué es lo relevante. Tu ranking no dice que estás perdiendo todo lo contrario entonces digamos lo que importa al equipo que los que pierden deben tener al menos 1 punto como para avanzar o nadie subirá su comandante o sus cartas por qué siempre hay uno mejor que otro y si pierdes desmotiva

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Hey there. So far I have to say, great work…most of my daily gameplay switched over from V2 to V1 since ragnarok season. It’s very entertaining.

About the assassins I have to agree. Specially xayah and fiona are a must have in V1. The surprising “double” damage is very usefull to take down strong enemies when they don’t expect it and/or forget to heal. And as said by tidus, in V2 the are not so useful. But maybe it’s good to have these characters, which are specialised to specific uses. For my opinion aurora is the same. In V2 she did not help that much, but in V1 a must have.

Ragnarok balancing:
For my opinion, awesome. To be honest, I joined when XWG had more than 12 cent (+ bought 2 DreamBimboes), so I have to slow down my invests a little bit due to those and many other reds. But to the point, I didn’t thought that it is possible to keep up with my mostly rare (and 2 epics)…but good rune setting helps a lot. I have powerlevel 8335 and can beat 13k powerlevel with the right setting and strategy. Further great, for this advantage you need to know the game mechanics, the cards and their abilities…plus you have to play a lot. I think this is the perfect way between.

Basically huge, but maybe you could increase the ranking spread or even the finalist count. 500k winner, 900k spread over rank 2 till 32. 16 is hard, ich play almost all matches a day and I think my deck is not that weak that I deserve that :rofl:…till now rank about rank 22. As tidus mentioned, 50 matches per day over 90 days is really a lot of time, going mostly empty (except the lucid to fusion for sure :star_struck:) should be avoided. It also needed again about 2k-3k XWG to keep up with the top 30 (I was usually ELO rank 60-70 in each season), plus daily V2 playing. It’s not a must for me, but maybe think about some adjustments, for the earlier players. because every new player just needs 10% - 20% of the capital that we needed to reach the same progress…sure, we’re very experienced today​:wink:, but it does not even 80% entry fee.

In sum, I was never here just to cash out. I believe in you team and I love your character designs, the games. I think you are matching my typical entertainment consuming absolutely the most from all. As long you go on I’ll be on board :crown::rocket::v:

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