Gas fees discussion

Since the Beta release of Dream Card V2, gas fees have been one of the biggest areas you’ve asked us to improve. So, here we are, looking to have a discussion around the topic for potential solutions.

We’ve negotiated better rates with Binance and are also in discussions with third-parties to implement gas fee solutions using their APIs. One such solution we’ve explored has been to make gas fees payable with XWG, instead of BNB. How do you feel about this suggestion? Or do you have a better idea you’d have follow instead?

We look forward to your suggestions and ideas. Take it away!


Reducing fee generally in combination with its payment in XWG will be a great desicion



We’ve been waiting for this topic for a long time.

XWG needs its own blockchain infrastructure to cut gas fees directly to XWG. While this is the definitive and final solution, of course, this means long-term development. I hope you realize that the community doesn’t have that much time left. Many great actors have already left the project. We understand this from the fact that genesis cards are put on sale in the market.

I have a quicker solution proposition, and it’s pretty familiar.

If you pay attention to the two “fetch level prize” transactions and their dates below for the DreamCard v2 game, you can see that the 0.013 BNB fixed fee, which is started to be taken apart from the gas fee, in every transaction with the new smart contract that came with the first update to the game, is the main problem in this and similar transactions. you can understand.

In short, you can easily solve this problem by returning to the first smart contract.


Remove minting reward box stage.
Directly give reward to player after round end.


As @hmtgnydn said, those huge fees came out in some random update of the contract.

Which indeed means, the code of the contract is asking for this fees on purpose. This extra fees don’t end on Binance’s pocket, it does somewhere else the developer wants.

It’s always on developer side, if the management does apply an additional fees we cannot apply any fix here. Of course the Team has it’s operational costs, but maybe if you aim your comision lower, more people could come and more operations would be done.

I don’t think as users we should be paying this much for so long, neither in BNB or XWG. I never seen this happening in a project. Team has already it’s own tokens, so their operational costs should be covered by that and some other income like Binance cards and Bimbos.

Also, using third party API’s is a terrible idea, thats only a way to fake out the output someone does receive for doing a chapter. First of all, those API’s would only do the transaction of XWG to BNB for you, doesn’t help or anything into the issue, it only hiddens the problem.
Most of those API’s come within a cost, which means, they will add MORE fees because their use isn’t free.

Once again, those costs we’re placed on a certain moment by the Team, it’s on your side to decide if they are removed or not, community shouldn’t be paying this huge costs with the actual Pools reduced, with also de token in his ATL.


Yeah. I think fee buy ticket and open box better with XWG not BNB. If use xwg and get xwg thats is awesome

Las tarifas de gas son excesivas en todos los casos estamos haciendo cálculos diarios y en 30 cofres son un gasto de 68 dólares para ganar 3 o 4 dólares en 30 cofres son 3 días jugando lo que es mucho tiempo.


It can be like x10 equipment box purchase.
Maybe we can purchase X number of stage tickets at once.
Same with open box, can open X number of Chests at once.

That would be good

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or maybe we can just get the rewards instead of treasure box

Great that you go on this topic.

I always try to focus on benefits for active players. So…

1.) Claiming multiple boxes at once…this would be great if you could realise this.

2.) Or at least an increasing discount for each box someone opens in a round.

3.) Make ingame balance usable…my opinion is, if someone uses rewards to buy a mystery box or power a character, he should pay less fees than someone who pays out.

About 3 I am not sure if this basically could work…but in some other games I were able to pay from unclaimed…i think thats also quiet nice, if it doesn’t have other disadvantages.

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Change fee bnb to xwg is the best way

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Not only Gas fees,what’s more is the “Value 0.0013 BNB”

BNB fees must be abolished immediately if the project and the price of XWG is to survive, since the BNB fee was imposed in V2, the price of XWG dropped drastically, all players sold their XWG to BNB to continue playing fees in V2. want the price of XWG safe. actually this is something that is too late or too late to do because the price of XWG has dropped to 0.03-0.04 $ , But this must be done soon to save the price of XWG

Maybe you can contact Mobox, they are creating a blockchain for games projects with 0 gas fee. Maybe you can work with them or they work with us or work together. This is the info: MOBOX Chain - MOBOX (Free to Play, Play to Earn)

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I’ve made this suggestion before. I’m saying it again…

Introduce differentiated commissions for buying tickets and for opening chests in DC2 for those players who have a certain amount in the XWG token on their wallet account.

  • From 250 xwg - commission 90%

  • From 500 xwg - commission 80%

  • From 1000 xwg - commission 70%

  • From 2000 xwg - commission 60%

  • From 3000 xwg - commission 50%

  • From 4000 xwg - commission 40%

  • From 5000 xwg - commission 30%

  • From 6000 xwg - commission 20%

  • From 8000 xwg - commission 10%

  • From 10000 xwg - commission 0%

This measure will encourage players to keep tokens in their account in order to have profitable commissions.


when? when to expect commission for xwg? do something already?