Global Community Moderator | Recruitment - Part ll

X World Family! We Want You!

We’re hiring for more community talents to join the XWG Community Mods!

Role: Global Community Moderator

Experience Needed:

  • Substantial knowledge regarding crypto-currency, crypto technology/platforms, and communities.
  • Must play DreamCard V1 & V2, and have an understanding of the games FAQ’s.
  • Must have time to manage & moderate the XWG community and be responsive to our members.
  • Bilingual; able to cover a specific regional community for XWG

Please Apply Here :arrow_down:

About the company

Founded in 2018, X World Games (“XWG”) aims to build the next-gen decentralized gaming metaverse.

X World Games’ vision is to build a diversified gaming ecosystem that connects traditional gamers with the blockchain world and invite more game developers into the crypto space by creating and providing the underlying blockchain framework.

With its gaming innovation, crypto game - Dream Card, NFT Marketplace and DeFi Pool, X World Games now serves over 2 million registered gamers and has quickly become the fastest-growing crypto gaming platform in the ecosystem.

X World Games is headquartered in Singapore with a 100+ dynamic team located worldwide. Please learn more by visiting


Hello @Kata_XWG,

may I ask you a question? First I have to say that I really believe in this project. It is further the first project where I made some bigger investment by buying some Dreamcard Bimbos. Therefore I also tried last months to get our community growing by helping new users to get started, writing guides and helping them to solve their problems (for example on Twitter and Discord).

I became an idea of the amount of work that is behind this (or such) position. Therefore I wanted to know: What do you estimate how much work it is?

I could imagine to do this, I guess the list of people I helped / supported the last weeks is pretty long. But soon I also have to head back to my main engineering job to feed my fam…planned are about 60% - 80% (lets say 25h per week) as main job. Even if I honestly don’t miss the industrial mentality after 7 years with >= 60h a week :see_no_evil: :rofl: (so full time can we also talk about if you need in the future :+1:)

Is your estimation covered by the remaining time I have (about 20h - 30h per week)?

In my free time I am most times writing software or I make some art designs on my computer anyway…so I’m usually always online.

I hope you understand that I don’t want to apply for a position without knowing if I’m able to bring basically the necessary time.

Kind regards,

Hello Ess,
Thank you for your interest. May I know what region you are from? And, have you submitted the application through our form yet? We can discuss more details after you give us some sort of background you have. And, I will transfer this to Kata for review.


Hi Sasha,

Thank you for your kind reply!

No I didn’t apply yet because I don’t really know if I can be useful for you :rofl:… this is depending on what you need. I just thought “if I write guides, lead poeple to the start line and support them…that’s likely what a mod has to do :thinking:”. But I guess there will be also some more to do.

I think my main intention to ask here is that I often see people in Discord asking questions but there is nobody online or active at the moment who could answer. Most questions are simple and I could answer them easy with a short link (if I could post links).

Further I choose this as main project that I want to support and people often ask me for my opinion or details about processes with cryptocurrencies. I really don’t name me as expert (and I always point on this fact that I’m not) but people push me in this direction…and basically I like to help people with technical issues.

Short background:
I was born and live in Germany, made my Bachelor of Science (Mechatronics) focused on embedded software and PCB design.

In my frree time I am writing applications in C# (actual a binance trading bot with mysql database), do some creative artwork or play RPG’s and watch animes (for sure, the last 2 are the reason why I’m here).

I have a pretty good understanding for everything related to technic and people around use to ask my support for everything what is driven by AC/DC current.

My Cryptocurrency experience started 2018. I have no experience in developping dapps, but somehow my basic software knowledge helps to understand a lot. For example I was participating a testnet and while almost all testers posted a screenshot of the same error message I checked the state log of metamask, the transactions on the chain and could find some issues relating to a specific function that became null parameter, because a NFT was not there where it belongs.

Just to name some things - What I think I could do for you or the project?

-(Technical) Support new players to get started or people with common problems (can be english, but my native language is german)

-German languaged discord section or support

-Error analysis for new versions or with players that need support (perhaps in something like a pre development layer)

-Writing guides

-Writing translations if you want to offer things or announce in german

I really don’t know if you need anything in that direction. But if you need something feel free to ask me, till a certain amount of work I would even do it just to push the project (like I started writing guides before the contest).

So far…thats it.

Have a nice day :v: