Hey Team, what's the idea behind your games? What will be their progression and further patches? What are aiming for? Help people to decide to come and invest!

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We all know the project itself has it’s own roadmap about what big things are about to come. But that doesn’t enter in detail about what’s the team vision inside the currently released games.Rather than simply have the most basic game out there, would be good if we have something really entertaining.

But what’s going to happen in Dream Cards V2? I have a lot of questions and have answers here is really important to clear doubts on newcomers and also have a long term projection.

If you’re reading this and you’re not aware yet, Dream Cards 2 has an Official non-crypto version with weekly updates, which is indeed more advanced, with more functionalities and also more characters than we already have.

Two examples of latest characters released:

Our supply is limited by 1.000.000, how this limit is gonna affect our project or what’s gonna happen when we reach the limit and the Official Game keeps releasing new characters? This kinda of games keep releasing characters on a 1-3 Month basis.

Example of skin of Michaela:

What’s the approach on the skins? What’s gonna be their utility rather than looking awesome? Will we get it for free clearing chapters? There will be a marketplace for this too?

Endless Tower:

Endless Tower is an additional game mode which the further you get, the harder the game gets. Will we have any additional mode that doesn’t give rewards? Will all features be implemented to earn? We will not have any mode just to play for fun?

Characters with 4 abilities instead of 2:

As you can see here, Altair is a character that has been sold lately on Binance Boxes, here on Official Version, does have 4 skills instead of two. Why this difference? Will Rarer Cards be able to use more skills like on V1? What’s the current idea on this?

Interactive abilities at right bottom of the image:

Will we have interactive abilities in the near future? This will help the player to get more involved with the game.

Ability tree:

Are we gonna have a way to develop further our cards with the ability tree? What’s gonna be the approach?

I think having an answer on all of this and even more, would really help people to understand what’s the probably projection of the game and if it does have any future or not. Please bring some feedback on this Team. @J0UINSS8 @edwin_xwg @Kata_XWG


Great theme!

I have previously raised this topic in general telegram chat. And also wrote personally and to J, and to 0x, and to Edwin: Telegram: Contact @xworldgames
It’s been over a week now and there hasn’t been any response from any of them at all.

Could you please, in consultation with the development team, provide an answer.

The videos on your YouTube channel show some “final” version of the project. These videos are: Dream Card V2 | trailer - YouTube and Dream Card 2.0 | Teaser - YouTube

The current version, presented to players, is still in beta and is being actively filled with content.

But. The final version shown and the current beta are extremely different. At least even this can be seen from the user interface. And by many other things.

Please clarify, will the beta version eventually be converted to the final version presented?
Or has the development vector shifted and in the end we will get something very different from what is shown on your YouTube channel?

I’m trying to understand what kind of product is then presented on the YouTube channel and what is the current development process moving towards?
If the current process involves a completely different product, then why “mislead” users with such videos …?


I believe that the development vector of the project should be very clearly stated by the team. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for current (and even more so future) investors to navigate what to expect from the project.
Otherwise, all promotional information presented so far is misleading.

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Yeah. Everything related to the content and their use, access, price(free or not), should be stated so people can clearly expect a projection from there. Things could have little changes from earlier videos since they are footage taken from the Official version, but the main idea on this crypto version should be shared to help newcomers to look over and stay.


Dear admins!
When you will prepare your answer, please do not focus on the fact that converting an existing game into crypto one is a complex and time-consuming process, which must be done so as not to kill the ecosystem and tokenomics and so on. I understand this all very clearly.
My question is different. I’ll explain with two screenshots.

Here, look at the talent system in the presentation:

And here is the same talent system in the current version of the game:

The differences are enormous.

And then we have tons of different moments (big and small) that are drastically different in the 2 games we watched. If you just touch the visual component, then in the beta version it looks much poorer than in the presentation. And so on adn so on…

Buying any Doom Eternal on Steam, I see what I’m paying money for. In the story with YOU and many other GameFi projects, everything looks exactly the opposite: we buy YOUR promises (in this place with my examples - these are your video presentations), which you eventually easily change and something falls out of the implementation plan in general. Explain yourself, please.

So final question: what will we have at the end?

I guess at the end of the day the Dream Card v2 will be still totally different compared to the mobile version.

We did a lot of research and market study on crypto games, and guess what, the whole crypto gaming community is still so different compared to the traditional gaming community.

Players from traditional gaming love immersive experiences probably can spend 7-8 hours per day playing without food or sleep. They love solving difficult puzzles and try to EARN the achievement instead of money rewards.

On the other side, players from crypto gaming are more money-reward-oriented (I can tell many of you guys are not, but I’m referring to the general public), they would love to have play-to-earn effects immediately.

So at the end, which part of the community we’re trying to grab?

For Dream Card v2, we’ll slowly add more gaming elements into it (probably a short version of what u guys have seen on mobile, eg, if there are 20+ talents, we cut down to 9), and to make it a little bit complicated than what he is right now, but to speed up the game pace a little bit.

We’re still trying to find the balance between strategic gaming and easy-go entertainment.

The other option will be just to make v2 as deep as possible but release other casual games on our incoming ones.

The ultimate goal is still to have a decentralized on-chain game, so that means we really have to sacrifice many things that you can enjoy from a centralized game.

I guess that the cost to be in the crypto world! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Edwin!
Many thanks for your answer.
If you don’t mind I will post some theses. Write please your vision.

  1. I see from your various posts and from current development process that you add new elements in a very measured and dosed way. As I understand it, you are looking at what effect these innovations have. And, based on it, move on, fixing something or adding features further down the roadmap. More or less like this?

  2. You have an idea and a plan that describes exactly what you want to do. But you don’t yet (because you are one of the pioneers) have a clear model of how tokenomics should ideally work in order for the game to turn out with a good closed ecosystem and last for a long time. In fact, you are conducting field trials. How can you comment on this?

  3. Ultimately, as I understand it, you are striving to make a game close to the original, but not exactly the same as we can see in the mobile version. That is, we should not wait, so to speak, for a complete porting?

  4. You are somewhat avoiding a direct answer to the question of whether Dream Card v2 will be a complete copy of 𝙅𝙞 𝘿𝙤𝙪 𝙒𝙪𝙨𝙝𝙪𝙖𝙣𝙜 or will it be a cut from a number of mechanics and visual components from this game. So all the same))): can you give a clear answer to this?)))) Should we wait for what is presented on YouTube in the face of Dream Card v2?
    I lead to the fact that I really liked 𝙅𝙞 𝘿𝙤𝙪 𝙒𝙪𝙨𝙝𝙪𝙖𝙣𝙜. Alas, I could not play it - it is in Chinese. But, looking at the videos on YouTube, I was impressed by it and really wanted to see it in the face of Dream Card v2.


Yes, You gave this answer. But from it I personaly did not get answer to what I’ve asked above.
So sorry for (maybe) my importunity)))

well, the content will be changing according to development requirements, it will just NOT be what you see with the full mobile game version.

but, remember, you’re buying the whole XWG crypto gaming ecosystem, not just a Dream Card v2 game. Guess you guys still put the focus so micro on just one game only, forgot that the vision was to become a blockchain gaming publisher and infrastructure service provider.



and ya, please don’t use buy game from STEAM experience compared to WEB3 kinds of stuff.

the whole concept and idea behind it are just different, and TBH, if you just wanna enjoy a game, I guess WEB2 is still your best choice for now. Gamefi is just so young with so much possibility of change.

So please have a more open inclusive mind to embrace WEB3!

I hope I answered you questions :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeap! Thanks so much! It’s nice to get answers in time!

I undestand all that you say and about Web3 and about the fact that XWG is not just 1 game (personally I did not invest in just one game but in ecosystem… symply now I play in vv2 ))))) so ask about it. About other parts of ecosystem I find answer the most from chat, medium, twitter and your site).
Sorry for comparation your project with Web2 )))) I know you don’t like this. But due to the fact that you are doing something that is completely new in the gaming industry, willy-nilly, I personally periodically compare in one way or another with what was before.

Anyway, thanks once more for answers. And look forward for updates from you.

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OMG :scream: endless tower, skill tree, abilities to chosse during batlle :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

You already had me months ago with your designs…but this fullfills all my rpg passions and wishes. I’m totally excited now…it’s time to give Bimbo holders beta access :wink: