How about some Option for a stamina refresh in V2?

Hey there,

I really like DreamCard V2. And I want to play more to test different lineups and so on, but the stamina refresh rate seems low to me. What do you think about some options to refresh it?

  1. is quiet obvious…buy stamina with XWG.

  2. Watching ads is an approved method too, I think.

  3. Something like a round pass…pay once a big fee and you can play the whole round so many rounds you want.

The third one seems to be the most attractive to me as player. For example if I know that I have time to play an evening, I can buy a pass and play up to 4 hours…but of course there is a limitation necessary in the calculation for the rewards

Would be interesting to know if other players think the same about the refresh rate…so what’s your opinion? Any other suggestions for refresh options?

From my point of view, latest changes on stamina system have been a total success. And I remember a lot of people being against it at the beginning.

People do like to play, but not to have to play or invest more time in order to earn the same amount, that only leads to more frustration and create a difference between hardcore and more casual players.

Since the stamina generated on a whole day has been lowered, pools are less diluted, consequently less fess, more time for yourself and the experience overall for me has been better.

Games have to have a GOOD balance on - Time spent - Reward - Entertainment

This is a really good balance right now, any other method that artificially inflates stamina or the players routine would only create unnecessary gaps between players. So that’s a BIG NO, for me.

I know what you mean. But it seems like we have 2 mentalities here to match.

You are absolutely right, for “common” players it is quiet good balanced. On the other side or in my case, the deep mechanics and the big character portfolio make me want to explore combinations of characters and their efficiency. I’d like to spend a few hours with the game a day, but honestly it are just a few minutes. Round start, play 2 rounds(15 minutes), open some chests(5 minutes). wait for some hours, start game and prepare the next round(5 minutes) and wait again for round refresh.

I think the actual system matches the “by the way gamer” quiet good. But if i play a rpg I usually spend hours on it. And there is actually no comfortable way that is fullfilling this demand. Even if I could spend thousands of dollars the only way is to play on multiple wallets.

Somehow there must be a way to make that possible, because there are people who want to play that much. For me it could be the only game I play over the day…but even with 2 wallets it’s just a short timespan. For me the new system is more frustrating.

I guess most people are like you and spend some responsible amount of time in the game. But such games need their hardcore players too. Players who reached something that new players want to reach too. Further these people find bugs, other issues and build strategies.

My opinion is that there is some important aspect missing if we can not fullfill this demand. But like you said, the payment and the rewarding has to be balanced. Playing more has to reward more, but in a healthy way.

Well, this comment changes the main topic idea.

Let me explain, what you demand here on this second comment, it’s something I been pushing the Team.

They call it “The crypto way or the gaming way”. Since we are in crypto they are taking some steps different.
But here you are, as I been explaining also to them, there are some mix of a players, that do like to invest and also have the full gaming experience(The Official Game available only in China), because Whaling out is something that does also happen in NON-Crypto games. I do know a few people that wasted more than 10k$ on Raid Shadow Legends and some other games and they will never have a return on that.

It could be on their hand to bring the Official Game WorldWide and also add the NFT/Earning on their part(like Mir4).
But I think this is not on their agenda. It should be something with an huge demand to make they rethink on this matter. I fully understand your idea.

But hey @edwin_xwg , check this over!! More people wants the overall experience. :smile:

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Allways good input from you. I did never start raid, but heard of it. Such numbers are way too much invest for my opinion. I think in XWG I have about 500$ (with 2 Bimbos and so on)…which is much much much more than i usually put in a P2E project. But what should I say, I love the design and where it seems to go.

I’m watching P2E scene only since 6 months and there are really a lot of aspects to look at. So I’m really no pro, but I always try to understand what happens and what caused some problems (I’m such a methematics freak :rofl:). So I think it’s good to discuss it with others here.

I startet back then with Cryptomines…and I had a lot of luck that I came in before the real big boom (which was followed by the incredible crash). I had luck that I took at least some little profit out and made no loss. But I learned how much impact the tokenomics, game mechanics and the community (or people with a lot of money) have.

Till now I am really happy with the moves of our development team. I think they are acting responsible and don’t ignore the issues. I was just searching for an idea how to make that possible. Who knows, maybe we have some later. So I think it:s important to draw the best of all opinions and experiences.

If they would for example implement that you can play more if you stake a few thousand XWG…I would really think about.

Raid is legit right now a top income generator game. They have done huge ad campaigns across the world, but to be honest isn’t much of a deal.

Which indeed lead us to the next thing. Raid, Guardian Tales, Azure Lane, or whatever game you wanna input here, is a product where people do wanna play and SPEND, not either invest or have returns.

If by any chance Team was capable to have a product to also bring those kind of people, the economy would be even greater. And it should be a thing to point out.

Cryptomines was a failure, the game rise because they had huge people talking nonstop about it but that was also his mistake. Paying too much to influencers and huge APRs lead any project to death.
Also, there are channels that don’t really bring much to projects other than selling his tokens to his own audience. There’s something into AD campaigns that have to be really taken into consideration, there are huge channels in certain communities that may have huge viewership but their audience won’t bring much. Moreover, certain influencers and their channels could be also known for P&D, which indeed, leads any AD action with them into a total failure.

Paying or either leaving too much tokens to improper hands is not good for a crypto project. And this is the main reason why good Institutions(VC,AC) are needed.

Recap: There is no easy thing on crypto.

ok yes you’re right. i understand that this are different target groups for developpers. and i think combining both interests would be a great success. i have to re-think some circumstances now, thanks for the view.

i’m in one other projects dao active. they dont have so much fame and in discussions I always point on that what you have mentioned here. Listings and influencers are not always the best way. And I use to point on the cryptomines example too. My opinion is, that a project should target such extreme attention only whem they archieved a stable economy, backed by the players. In critical situations these are the people who can save the day.

I saw XWG falling 10 cent, but honestly it didn’t matter for me because i like the project. I enjoyed the higher coin quantities in the chests and the cheap prices on the market. If the whole community acts like that, things like cryptomines should not happen.