[How-to-Play] [How-to-Earn] X World Guide: Dream card detailed guide!

Hello to everyone,

I want to share my project for the Guide Contest. It is a detailed guide for the Dream World Universe: V1, V2, marketplace and staking! The website will be Updated every week with news, guide and other things! Hope you will enjoy it!


P.S: V2 guide is not alive yet, and the site needs some improvement. By the way, this website will enclose everything about Dream Cards, and maybe all the XWG features in future!
Hope to finish the V2 guide by the 31th March!


it’s a such lovely site! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good job on the site: VOTE :heart:

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Hi, I really love your project thx for sharing!!

Great job, thanks for this guide: VOTE :heart: