Introducing X-Collector Pool!

Dream Card’s brand new X-Collector Pool is now ONLINE!

First Season: 17th Feb 10:00–19th Mar 10:00 (UTC)

X-Collector Pool is dedicated for those who wear their heart on their card
X-Collector Pool runs in seasons of 30-days with the mechanism of the system randomly selecting the hashrate bonus combination.
Simply stake the specified combination of cards to get an extra hashrate bonus and more XWG.

Enter via XWG official website’s staking pool event page:



  1. X-Collector Pool runs in seasons of 30-days, a randomly generated cards combination will be illustrated according to the card’ distribution channel (Including different quantities). The collection combination of each season is randomly generated and will be shown upon season commencing.
  2. All cards have the same basic hashrate (Quality hashrate is not in effect, all cards are converted to standard hashrate, but the hashrate consumed by the user’s card upgrade can be stacked to take effect).
  3. Each deck needs to be configured with 10 cards minimum and 20 cards maximum. If the configured cards match the current season’s specified combination, the deck gets an additional combined hashrate bonus (Only the highest hashrate bonus is in effect, NOT multiplied).
  4. The XWG consumed by the card upgrade can be converted into hashrate 1:1.
  5. Allow multiple cards combinations to be configured with a single wallet address to participate in the event.

Calculation Formula
Personal hashrate = (Number of cards * Basic hashrate) + extra hashrate bonus for combinations + growth hashrate

Dig in and claim your X-Collector glory and yield!

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