Keeping Up in January | Dream Card v2 Beta Launch and XWG Official Site Remake

When you focus on the good, the good gets better.

The first month of 2022 just passed in a wink, and the team at XWG had been working non-stop and relentlessly to ship out the best products for the XWG community.

In January, we launched our Dream Card v2 Beta version with an enormous number of players registered for testing, a considerable amount of bugs was reported as well. But don’t worry, our team didn’t stop there. We’re doing our best to nail all the imperfections and refine the gaming mechanism, just to make them better, and all we need is a little bit more patience from you. Once again, it’s only BETA, and the Official release will be coming!

Moreover, the long-awaited $XWG token staking was launched, and we improved(DOUBLE) the earning rate as soon as we heard the feedback from the community. For all the XWG army fellows, please enjoy the extra reward while being XWG holders.

Now let’s have a recap of what team XWG brought you in January 2022:

Game Updates:

  • The 7-day Dream Card v2 closed Alpha was completed. We would like to thank our 100 lucky-selected community members for helping out with the test.
  • The Deam Card v2 open Beta was then live on January 13th, and we’ve received an overwhelming registration and participation from over 50,000+ players. The Beta is still running, and more feedback and suggestions are welcome.
  • The next update of Dream Card v2 will be coming soon. The gaming mechanism and the long-complained transaction costs will be optimized, and a better wallet connection will be supported.
  • An Elo bug affecting scoring in Dream Card v1 was resolved. We have also received a lot of feedback from players regarding improvements to Elo. Look forward to an announcement in the upcoming days.

XWG Partnerships:

XWG Development :

XWG Growth :

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AMA with Community:

The year 2022 has just started, and we are looking forward to having a fantastic start with you guys!