Keeping Up in May | X Pool Reopens, LUCID integration, and More

If you build it, they will come — Check out our recap of May!

Brighter days are ahead as we begin transitioning into the summer season! We’ve been working day and night on building new games, GameFi and DeFi mechanisms, and new game updates and features. Catch up with the X World Games team and learn about all the latest updates we rolled out this May.

We’ve continued to update the Dream Card series and X World Games tokenomics with huge updates to $XWG staking, LUCID trading and implementation, and various collaborations with other DeFi companies. Let’s also not forget our brand-new player highlight series, where we put the spotlight on some of the most dedicated members of the XWG community and thank them for their outstanding contributions!

Let’s recap what X World Games brought you for the month of May 2022:

| Dream Card Updates

Dream Card V1: Ragnarök

To ensure our much-anticipated ELO season: Ragnarök is at 100% before launch, we have chosen to run two testing groups where players can win even more rewards in preparation! Players will get to test their decks to see if they’re up to the challenge while winning rewards, and we get to test our gameplay. It’s a win-win! The groups are as follows:

Test Event I : started in April and ran to May, where players had the chance to win Lucid Basic (A new version of NFT staking pool must-haves) rewards and will be the first to preview the new ELO season.

Test Event II: Just announced, the second testing group will run from May 31st to June 6th! This time around, players will have the opportunity to win V1 EXP props rewards.

So don’t miss out! Join our Telegram — Testing starts NOW!

New Heroes Launched: Cres and Scarlet — BinanceNFT Mystery Box

We released two new heroes to the Dream Card universe towards the end of May! Assassin, Cres and Knight, Scarlet. Their NFT Mystery Box dropped on May 30th; check out their Hero Stats here! I hope you had the chance to add them to your team, as their Mystery Boxes are SOLD OUT!

Tenchi Muyo! Collab and Mystery Box Giveaway events

X World Games was incredibly excited to present the latest collaboration event for our Dream Card series with the release of our Tenchi Muyo! NFT Mystery Box drop! Dream Card players were able to add the two main characters of the iconic anime series, Tenchi Masaki and Ayeka Jurai, to their Dream Card decks.

With partnership from BinanceNFT, 16 lucky players were gifted a free Tenchi Muyo! NFT Mystery Box for participating in our giveaway events!

Finally, thanks to our amazing player base, the Mystery Box had sold out in less than 24 hours! Did you have the chance to pick up this exclusive and limited-edition hero set? I hope you got both as Tenchi and Ayeka are meant to be together.

| XWG Development

LUCID Trading: now supported on the X Marketplace

LUCID, our brand new BEP-1155 token asset and primary in-game reward for our Dream Card series, was made available for trading on the X Marketplace! We’re excited to support not only LUCID trading but support XWG/LUCID, USDC/LUCID, USDT/LUCID, and BUSD/LUCID trading pairs.

Now you can list your LUCID for sale or purchase from other players here: X WORLD GAMES

The introduction of LUCID to the X World Games ecosystem marks the beginning of our transition to our Play-to-Earn-to-Stake game model. Read more about how LUCID and other planned changes will impact the X World Games ecosystem here.

Reopening of X Pool: Staking returns!

Our newly designed X Pool reopened, and the X World Games player base we’re rewarded! Many changes were made with the return of our staking pools. And with the integration of LUCID and our Play-to-Earn-to Stake model, so be sure to read our detailed guide here before staking to ensure you’re staking smartly!

Check out the X Pool here. There are more pools to come! hint hint

XWG Mystery Box Closed

With the pending arrival of our Fusion and Evolution systems for our Dream Card series, we’ve unfortunately shut down the Mystery Box mechanism on the X World Games site. However, Mystery Box lucky draws may return for special events, so stay tuned for more updates!

Don’t worry, Dream Card players will still have the chance to obtain higher rarity cards and new heroes when our Fusion and Evolution mechanics are implemented, and we will still be dropping monthly Mystery Boxes on BinanceNFT.

Learning with X World Games

The cryptocurrency industry has always been a fast-moving market, with new projects and processes popping up every day! The X World Games team is committed to delivering informative and engaging articles covering new blockchain technologies and emerging trends in the crypto space. We also want to provide as much content about our ecosystem for players to grow!

Learn together with the XWG community through the articles below:

What is Play to Earn to Stake? X World Games combines GameFi and DeFi in a New Game Eco-Model called Play to Earn to Stake.

Why Token Burning is Great for Crypto Find out what token burning is, how it works, and why it benefits you.

What SocialFi is and Why It’s So Popular Combining “Social Media” and “Decentralized Finance,” SocialFi is the latest crypto trend reforming how social media works in the modern age.

| XWG Partnerships

XWG x Galler

X World Games partnered up with Galler to open up an exclusive NFT storefront that would host all X World Games collections!

Check out our NFT collections on

Dream Card V2 Equipment

Dream Card

Dream Card Bimbos

Dream Card Mystery Box

X World Games partners up with NFT marketplace

XWG x Cointelegraph: GameFi Report

Cointelegraph featured X World Games in their GameFi report on how blockchain-based gaming redefines the crypto industry. We are excited to be a part of and join many influential projects in changing the way we look at gaming and earning.

Thank you, Cointelegraph Research! Read the full report for free here.

X World Games x MEXC Global

MEXC Global hosted a Kickstarter session for the XWG player base! Players could stake $XWG to vote towards a predetermined goal on the MEXC Global page. Check it out here!

X World Games’ Chief Global Officer, Edwin Liu was also invited for an episode of 26 questions with MEXC Global here!

| XWG Community

X World Games would be nothing without its strong community, so we’d like to make every effort to highlight some of the most dedicated members of the XWG fam!

Game Guide Contest Winner, RayZ_Real

You may know RayZ_Real as the winner of our game guide contest, where he submitted a fantastic video guide for Dream Card V1! Our team was lucky enough to interview RayZ_Real himself, so please join us in getting to know him. Special thanks for your contribution, Ray, keep it Real!

Game Guide Contest: Winner RayZ_Real

XWG More Game Guide Winners!

Of course, we’d like to showcase all the other community members who worked very hard to bring you various Dream Card V1 or V2 guides. The community spans many nations worldwide, and we’re excited to have how-to videos for everyone!

Check out the game guides made by our XWG Spirit Award Winners:

Skyfly197 — [Vietnamese]: How-to-Play Part 3 of Dream Card V2

TidusYouTube — [Spanish]: “How to properly start Dream Card V2 with your wallet.”

Kioku — [English]: “How to play DreamCard V2 — A step-by-step guide.”

Namnv89 — [Vietnamese]: “Guide to buying equipment at a good price.”

Check out the game guides made by our XWG Silver Award Winners:

cap1osmokaess — [English]: P2E Research: Login Issues XWG Dream Card V2” on the XWG Gitbook

Check out the game guides made by our XWG Gold Award Winners:

Skullgrave00 — [English]: How-to-Play/How-to-Earn X World Guide: Dream Card V1 detailed guide

The X World Games team is truly thankful for our amazing community! We still have more community members to highlight for the month of June, so stay tuned for more guides coming to help you play Dream Card.

| XWG Growth

$XWG 999% APY on Bybit Staking

Footprint Analytics Recognizes XWG in the top 3 games on the BSC blockchain.

And That’s All for May!

Summer will be an exciting season for the X World Games community as we continue to build to bring you the best improvement like our new card crafting mechanism Fusion and Evolution, releasing our own Lease-to-Earn platform, bringing you more X Pools, more game features, and more games!

Be sure to keep up to date on all our socials so you can be the first to be notified of all XWG announcements, updates, and more!

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