Lucid Chest Mechanism and Balancing Demand for the Ecosystem

Hello everyone.

XWG has already passed its 1st year and many new players have joined us. In the meantime, our games and ecosystem have received many updates. Perhaps the most important one is lucid assets.

Since the April 8th announcement, it’s been a long time and we’ve gotten used to it, but how much experience have you had with lucid assets? I would like to ask the community for their opinion on this.

I’m a regular player of Dreamcard v2. Although all the dynamics of the game, which is still in beta, are much better than before, I feel that players are stuck at some points. This is because some assets are still limited and players stop playing the game because of this…

This is triggered by the gradual decrease of rare cards on the market. Common and Rare cards have no problem evolving, but we can’t say the same for Epic and Legendary cards. How so? Let’s take a look together;

As far as Lucid Magic and Lucid Super (Token ID 515 and 516) are concerned, there is not much trading volume as far as I follow on bscscan.

Total number of transfers for all time at the time of writing;
TokenID: 516 - Transfers: 92
TokenID: 515 - Transfers: 51

For a period of 5 months I think it is quite low. I have already bought a lot of lucid chests and experienced that they are very hard to get (really hard), so there seems to be a problem for players here.

I think there needs to be a balance (maybe a small addition to the lucid chest price to balance it out) that would solve the problem for players and at the same time increase the economy of the game a bit more.

For example, a good solution would be to increase the Lucid Chest price by 100% and increase the probability of Lucid Magic by the same percentage.

Do you think something like this would be appropriate? Could there be a DAO vote for this?

I would be interested in your opinion, thank you.

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i think you are totally right
There should be ways to get lucid magic and lucid super outside of chest.

When buying chest, the bnb value should be removed and we should only buy it with xwg. When we buy chest, most of the money we pay is in bnb. Measures to increase the use of xwg can also be considered with this issue.