NEW Dream Idols Contest

With the Dream Idols Beta+ test well underway, the team would like to thank our awesome community with a massively rewarding “Ranking Contest”!

From November 8th, 10:00 UTC to November 15th, 10:00 UTC, three contests will be held for our Dream Idol users. Do you think you have what it takes to take home the grand prizes?

| Event Descriptions

Event 1: Dream Collectors & Consumers

From November 8th to November 15th, the top 3 Dream Idol users that have collected the most DREAM will be eligible to take part in a 300U prize pool!

The proportion of a player’s DREAM amount will determine how much of the prize pool they earn.

For example:

Player A holds 60% of the top three players’ total amount of DREAM. Player A will then receive 300 * 60% = 180U

Event 2: Fan Club Contest

From November 8th to November 15th, a special event will be held for Genesis Producer clubs with the highest-earned Popularity and Reputation during the event period.

Genesis Producers will be eligible for the following rewards:

  1. The Genesis Producer of the team with the highest Popularity earned will receive a 100U bonus; Popularity can be obtained by inviting new users and by signing in daily.
  2. The Genesis Producer of the team with the highest Reputation will receive a 200U bonus; Reputation can be obtained through daily boosts.

Users can easily become Genesis Producers by following the guide here.

Event 3: SYNC-To-Win

Starting on November 8th, the first player to enter the “Tower” SYNC Pool will be rewarded with 1000 BUSD.

This event will continue until someone has successfully entered the Tower SYNC Pool to provide players with sufficient time to build up their SYNC teams.

| Rules & Disclaimers

  1. If two or more players have the same ranking in Event 1 (Dream Collectors & Consumers) then the player who registered earlier will be considered the winner.
  2. Event 2 (Fan Club Contest) participants should only be GENESIS PRODUCERS. Any other Fandom identity holders (Super Fan and Casual Fan) are not eligible for the event reward.
  3. Event 3 (Sync-to-Win) has no set event period. The reward will be valid until someone successfully reaches the reward condition.
  4. Event 1 and Event 2 statistics will be taken from an on-chain screenshot taken between November 8th and November 15th, 10:00 UTC.
  5. The event reward and winners list will be announced within 15 days after the event ends. Rewards will be directly issued to the winning player’s wallet address without objection 3 days after the announcement of the reward.

| Are you the best?

Whether it’s earning DREAM or climbing up the SYNC pools, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you to win a piece of the reward!

  1. Genesis Producers, get out there and promote your clubs!
  2. Super Fans and Casual Fans should be SYNCing, SYNCing and more SYNCing!

And don’t forget about your SP and max SP! Essential stats to increasing your SYNCing power and getting to the Tower pool.

Every little bit helps when it comes to Dream Idols so long as you’re committed every day!

If you have any questions about mechanics then there are always community members readily available to help you on our social media below.

**Dream Idols: Fantasia **:star: is crypto’s first virtual idol group consisting of four themed versions of NFT hero characters from the popular P2E video game Dream Card, incorporated with SocialFi fan economics- developed by X World Games.


**X World Games :sparkling_heart: **is a unique blockchain-based game ecosystem that aims to make blockchain features simple and fun for non-crypto players to own their NFTs.


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Our winners have officially been decided! :star_struck:

Thank you so much to our participants and we can’t wait to host more contests for you all in the future! :money_with_wings:

Winner’s here :arrow_right: Dream idol Ranking Contest Giveaway Winners - Google Sheets