New #LUCID looks - Do you like? Comment below!


Hi Edwin!

  1. V2 equipment will also be upgadable with LUCID or still with XWG?
  2. Will new mechanism of comission reduction spread on V2 equip (I’m about buying and upgrading)? Or all manipulation with v2 equip will take the same BNB fee like we have at the moment?
  1. u mean buy equipment? will be $xwg still
  2. right now the v2 mechanism is focused on “opening loot boxes”, so I guess buying eq will stay the same.
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With 1st - understood. Thanks!

With 2nd - buying equipment by the fact also is opening of loot boxes. If I want to get armor or gear I need to open [equipment] loot box. So introducing this new mechnism for “opening loot boxes” I thought u were telling and about equip boxes too.


I just checked with the team, the loot box is pretty much the same, it has some probability to drop equipments.

So once the Project Vapour kicks in , all :package: will go offchain calculated with gas fee reduced.

Hope I explained it well :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:

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But just to add, there will be some change on the equipment and dust droppings.

BE EXPECTED! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Waiting for announcements from u!

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