___Partnerships with Japanees Anime___

X World Game officially partnership with iconic japanees Anime_

Tenchi Muyo, a well-known anime from Japan, is now officially a partner of X World Games!

We wanted to carry on the narrative and emphasize Tenchi Masaki’s beloved and familiar retro-adventures.

Recall Tenchi Masaki’s humble origins in the Tenchi Muyo!

Ayeka Jurai, the princess of the planet Jurai, and his encounter with her in the world of Ryo-Ohki.

The Story: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

Tenchi Muyo, an anime that was aired in Japan in 1992.

Tenchi Masaki, a seventeen-year-old, is followed on Ryo-escapades. Ohki’s

At their shrine in the Okayama prefecture, Tenchi’s grandfather, Katsuhito Masaki, has raised him as a swordsman and a Shinto priest.

When Tenchi unintentionally releases Ryoko, a demon bound inside his family shrine hundreds of years ago, he is viciously attacked, and things take a dramatic turn!

Fortunately, Tenchi is able to fend off the demon’s assaults with his new sword, “Tenchi,” and awaken his dormant abilities.

Ayeka Jurai comes to Earth when this demon is cast free with the express purpose of capturing Ryoko.

Ayeka Jurai is a royal princess and a member of the Imperial Family of the planet Jurai, it is later discovered.

Ayeka is looking for Ryoko since she is to blame for her fiance’s abduction on the planet Jurai hundreds of years ago.

This ultimately caused conflict between the females.

Ayeka’s ship was totally wrecked during the conflict between her and Ryoko.

Ryoko and Ayeka are left stranded on Earth.

Tenchi’s adventure through the cosmos officially begins when the two women settle into his house.

While being chased romantically by an increasing number of alien ladies, young Tenchi learns more about his newly discovered abilities, his ancient origins, and the terrifying perils that lay ahead during the course of the series.

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