Reduce DCv1 Roll out fee from 20XWG

Want to make proposal but system does not let it - Publish button always inactive.

So write here my suggestion.

I think it’s needed to reduce Dream Card v1 Roll Out commission from 20 coins to 5 coins.

20 XWG tokens when withdrawing 10 cards equel 200 tokens, what is a large amount when it comes to move cards every day to participate in different events like ELO, DC v2 or Bounty Hunter. It’s to expenses to pay each time 200 XWG for moving my own cards.

This is (maybe) not a problem for players with myth 3gen+ cards but (sure) not for those who has a few Commons cards or so…


But isn’t it going to be incineration as a fee?

This game si made to attract whales who pour large amounts of money into the game…players who mostly use common cards and don´t buy many items with money from outside the app need to have a barrier to avoid making easy money. The gas fee could be enough if it was higher but since cards sell at 20 XWG (common 1 star) it seems that fee is put there on purpose to avoid people claiming the first car bundle or “free” airdrop card and make quick money by setting thousands of accounts.

Although a discount for rolling out multiple cards should definitively be a thing, say x% for 5, 10, 20 cards and so on

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