Something about Dream Card v2

Hey XWG fam,

Just something I would like to clarify, right now DC v2 is undergoing the Open Beta,

OPEN BETA means the secured testing of the beta version of the localized Game by offering the Game to the general public for free trial for a limited period of time prior to the official launch of the Game.

So what you guys experiencing now will not be the permanent design of the game, please do not act/talk like it’s the END of the X World Games.

More earning mechanisms will be released, there will be a lottery system & chapter lands/monsters NFTs coming. The overall transaction costs will be improved, and all the current p2e formulas will be reviewed and re-adjusted.

Things will get better and we’re only at approx. 2 weeks from our Beta launch. There has to be a time and process to reach the ultimate perfection.

If you were losing money, please stop the testing and wait for our improved version launch. The XWG metaverse will have so many things to come out, and DC v2 is just one of them.

At last, I still want to thank you all for the awesome feedback, because of you guys so we have so much going on and so many things to improve. Please stay with us and give us the time we require to make XWG better.

Let’s go XWG!


Thanks @edwin_xwg ,I like this project, I will continue contributing to the construction and I understand that there are many things to do to be in an initial phase.

Additionally, I think it is an opportunity to get to know the game better and determine which are the best strategies to reach the top.

It would be important to know more information about our enemies within the chapters of the game in order to build our teams according to their strengths.

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I think Edwin, people is not really aware at this stage that Dream Card 2 is right now a open testing platform in order to properly integrate the features that the NON-NFT game already has but making it more decentralized and able to embrace the metaverse.

What could concern people is to think we would only have this 10 Stages forever. But, if the Team is capable of going 1:1(bringing new content) like the actual Dream Cards 2 non-NFT game has, this will actually bring what NFT’s are all about. People coming to play, spend, and maybe, expect a return. Since this is not a get rich quick scheme some may anger and leave, but this is a long term vision because also the entertaining games aren’t done in a few months. It’s important to have a genuine FUN and entertaining game.

I’ve found plenty of bugs this days (Already filled a lot of forms), and I also I’m facing a critical one that left me not able to play anymore with all my cards. It’s all open to the developer team to be able to keep up fixing all those bugs in a good timeframe and I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to take long. Also from my point of view, it’s really important on this matter to not leave people on losses(not talking about returns on doing stages) when they buy items and expect to receive them, because of the bugs. Of course at this right moment I think nobody is going to be left behind after paying fees and XWG, but an Official notice could calm a lot of people(message inside game, website).

You have my support and I do expect really a lot of this project, keep always communication channels open and I think the people within time will really understand what’s going on and gain trust.

There’s also a lot to see in this Q1 in the Whitepaper. Expecting to hear more news soon.


I believe in the team from the first day, I see how the project grows and develops. great job.

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The issue many had is that they used the Binance Smart Chain rather than the testnet to enter the Beta (I remember a tutorial telling us to try the beta in the TestChain) so there was real money in the line for a lot of people, and I don´t blame them for getting angry. Had th beta been limited to the SmartChain TestNet no one would have lost money

Still this is beta state and they shouldn´t expect something polished so that´s on them ^^