Something need to be done about people seeking "First turn advantage"

So, if you ever played this game it has happened to you.

Opponent pretends to be AFK if he gets the first card draw, then as soon as you put your cards on the field he puts his cards! It´s annoying when they did it with one card decks, but when using 3 or more it just get s SO ANNOYING.

I wouldn´t even call it a strategy, just delaying, specially when they don´t even have the decency to skip their turns and make you wait 20 seconds each round.
Sometimes I get the first turn, sometimes the opponent does, but this people would do anything for that small advantage (and most of the time loose anyway which is hilarious since their decks have no synergy) but it honestly took the joy of levelling up and facing “stronger” opponents.

Shouldn´t the game force people to play their first card? Or at least a card after certain number of turns have passed without anything in the field. Certainly it would make everything go faster and stop this annoying individuals from delaying and thinking they are being so smart doing so


nice of knowing this, will get this reviewed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, hope this gets reviewed. yesterday I faced a guy who did this multiple times…last time I wen tto the bathroom to do a number 2 for 15 min and when I came back the guy was still skipping turns waiting for me to play first, it´s insane!!

I agree, this needs a workover! What do you think of my idea:

If I think about what it means to skip the turn without playing a card…you give the enemy the advantage to let him act first. But for my opinion there is one fact that inverts this…that the cards can use their skill in the first turn when they are played. If you would only let them attack in the turn they are played (skills locked in this turn) this would return the advantage to the player that plays his cards first. A complete sleep for the first turn of a card is to much for my opinion.

But this way between seems good to me…then it could only be a good strategy to hold a card back in cases where you are able to deal the last damage to defeat the enemies card. If not so your later played card gets first hit by the enemies skill before your card can use its skill.

What do you think, does that solve the problem?


just play a card with “the chosen one” skill and GG

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Also reduce to commander HP by a lot, so they can´t hang back for ages taking damage. One card killing a lvl 6 commander with 6000 HP can take anything from 30-45 turns!!!

Still commander HP is too high for a one shot kill, but it´s true it would be fun and destroy any other card later

Although back in the day when I wrote this I think they didn´t have the gamewiki up with skill info…we had to guess what each skill did or what cards had it!! ^^

Good idea, this would help too.