“Stakes” Back on the Menu! X Pool Makes its Great Return

X World Games brings back staking pools new and improved!

The X Pool is finally back! Monday, May 16, 2022, at 8:00 (UTC).

After a momentary hiatus, staking is ready to make a comeback to the XWG ecosystem. We’re super excited to be introducing some new mechanisms that come with the revival of our new staking pools, and introduce what role LUCID will play in our staking system. X Pool will also play a huge role in our brand new Play-to-Earn-to-Stake (P2E2S) tokenomics. We believe this will be the next big trend to further the integration between GameFi and DeFi and we’re extremely excited to be sharing our plans with the XWG community.

With this update, our aim is to rework our staking mechanisms so that they provide more value to our players while also increasing player participation by redefining our staking requirements. We designed these changes with the XWG community in mind as we aim to continue to create a more safe and more engaging ecosystem for our players.

From here, we’ll be listing all the mechanics of the XWG staking pools. Some will be new and some will be old so be sure to read through this section carefully before staking.

Staking Pools & Storage

All eligible cards will be staked into the same pools. Cards that you plan to stake must first be transferred to the Card Warehouse before being able to be staked.

Staking Period

Players will be able to stake their cards at any time so long as the staking pool is open and available, and can stake at any time before the staking period ends.

There will be three different staking periods, each with its own portal for accessing the staking pool. Players will be able to stake their cards for:

:star:7 days

:star: 14 days

:star: or 30 days

The LUCID required to stake your card will be based on the staking period you select. The longer the staking period, the more LUCID is needed.

The ROI of your stake will also depend on the length of your staking period, with 30 days generating the greatest return, followed by 14 days and then 7 days. These returns will be calculated with a discounted hashrate.

Reward Collection

Once the staking period has ended for a staking pool, the rewards will be calculated and locked. Here are some important things to note after the staking period ends.

  • Once rewards have been calculated, players will have a 7 days period to claim their rewards.
  • Rewards will be automatically claimed when players unstake their cards during the reward claiming period.
  • After 7 days , all unclaimed rewards will be sent to the burning pool and be burnt! SO CLAIM YOUR REWARDS ASAP!
  • No rewards will be generated from an expired staking pool once the staking period has passed.
  • Unretrieved cards will remain in the pool for players to unstake for an indefinite time.

But what if I want to unstake my cards before the staking pool’s period expires?

You can retrieve your cards from a staking pool at any time. However, no staking reward will be received if you unstake before the staking period ends and any consumed LUCID will NOT be returned.

Minimum Staking Requirements

  1. Cards and Hashrate

Players who wish to participate in our staking pools must have a minimum of 20 cards in their deck with a combined deck power level (hashrate) that is greater than or equal to 12,720 . This power level (hashrate) minimum may change for future necessary adjustments.

The required LUCID (gas fees) will vary depending on the total power level (hashrate) of the cards staked, and the selected staking period.

  1. Card Rarity and Hero Requirements

X Pool will not have any card rarity minimum requirement for now , but this is subject to change depending on future DAO votings.

Each specific staking pool can be limited to specific Dream Card heroes, but we will not impose such a restriction for now . This can be an option for us to open various kinds of pools in the future.

We’re super excited to finally be opening our staking pools to our players again and we hope that these new changes will bring the XWG economy to even greater heights! We’d love to hear any feedback that our wonderful community has concerning these changes as we are always striving to bring the best GameFi experience to our players.

More detailed information about the new X Pool mechanism and calculating formulas will be released soon on the XWG Gitbook.

Happy Staking!


Hey there.

First, the idea with the warehouse is great! This will really improve the staking experience.

Second, I’m searching for information if it is possible to raise the star rank of characters in the warehouse…do you have any details about?

Basically I have enough cards and hashrate to stake and keep playing, but I don’t want to put cards with low star rank in. But if I could raise it for deposited cards too, that would be great.

Greetings :v:


Good suggestion, let me feedback to the team to see if we can add and optimize some functions with the warehouse! :+1:


Thank you for this great explain.Its good for any kind of person.easy to understand all about it in stake