Suggestion: a secondary market for Commander

upgrading our commander in DC1.0 has been an expensive investment… we have to spend >10k xwg to get into highest level (15)… thus far all those xwg spent are totally sinking cost, means there’s no way to recover the original capital (rewards from ELO or P2E are so low)… and this has become one of the obstacles preventing our players growth, because many will hesitate to spend their money into commander.

we shall create a trading market for the players to cash out their investment in commander… this could be done by either creating a NFT for commander, or simply let players to convert their commander’s experience into a tradable token.

A tradable commander will incentivise more players to upgrade their level, knowing that they could recover their capital easily via secondary marketplace… and we shall see a significant growth of higher level players in the game, increase the fun and play-ability.


If they don´t create it, players will create a black market for this themselves.

But I don´t think it´s worth it, at least for V1. I got 68 XWG as rewards for a top 50 finish (nº 42) in an ELO season, so only the top 10 players are making a profit out of ELO, but still they will take several seasons to recoup their investment into commander and card experience.

So no, I don´t think they have the incentive to create NFTS for this. I just want them to eliminate cards loosing experience with defeats as they once teased on Twitter. That would get more people playing and willing to improve in the game