[SUGGESTION] Allow us to transfer XP between cards, let us fix our early mistakes

I’m sure there is people around that has been doing several mistakes at this point since the project has been changing lately.

Let me explain properly:

With Dream Cards 1 release, people thought they would always have at maximum 10 cards per game, and maybe boosted only those cards. Or maybe even more if they played around 2-3 different decks.

With Dream Cards 2 release, we can only play at most 7 cards. Right now this made a lot of us think to focus on a really few cards because we wouldn’t be able to beat much chapters. But also, the cards don’t have the same skills, so all synergy that you may think they have is lost. A good deck in Dream Cards 1, doesn’t have to be good at Dream Cards 2.

But here comes the real reason why I personally ask this: as a early investor I’ve bought common cards that I upgraded to start knowing about the ecosystem, those upgraded common cards are extremelly difficult to be sold, because they have no good use at this right moment or people really prefers to start with cheaper base cards and then go into rarer. And this doesn’t end here, as I gained more trust onto this project I’ve bought rarer cards and upgraded them, but those don’t have good synergy in order to get ahead on Chapter/Stages, it’s not about because they need to be further upgraded, it’s because of synergy. At this point, something like Transfering XP(only from their additional XP) from those upgraded cards, and bringing them to the one’s with good synergy will allow me two things, to sell those cards and keep going forward.

I don’t know if bringing this feature to the table is something hard, but, for sure would bring some happiness to those who have useless/stuck cards without use.

I would like to hear your feedback. :wave:


Basically I have the same problem, so I think something like that would be great.

But I think just transfering the XP could have to much impact. But with fusioning cards they could implement that at least the XP completely move over to the other card. So you have guaranteed that the XP move over and rarity upgrade will stay random…I guess that the rarity upgrade will be random, didn’t hear anything about it tiill now.

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