[Suggestion] Dream Card V1 (“Sanctuary”圣域, “Gold Saints” (黄金圣斗士), “Bronze Saints” (青铜圣斗士))

Hi development team,
I got an idea about Dream Card V1. Not sure whether is practical.
Can we copy the same story of “Sanctuary”(圣域) in “Saint Seiya” (圣斗士星矢) in Dream Card V1?

The rules are:
(1) Each “Sanctuary”(圣域) has 12 protected palaces and one final palace. Inside the final palace, the amount of XWG will increase during time, which can be collected by the current owner of the “Sanctuary”(圣域) on a weekly basis. The owner can not withdraw the XWG before the scheduled time.

(2) Players can take one “Sanctuary”(圣域) if the player has 12 MYTH cards. Each MYTH card will protect one palace. (In one palace, there will be only 1 MYTH card)

(3) Other players with 12 MYTH cards can challenge the current owner of any “Sanctuary”(圣域). In this case, it will be a 12 VS 12 battle. If the new player wins, the new player will be the new owner of the “Sanctuary”(圣域). But before starting the challenge, the challenger will need to pay a certain amount of the XWG. If the challenger wins, the XWG will be returned to the challenger. Otherwise it will be lost to the current owner of the “Sanctuary”(圣域). And the XWG will be kept in the final palace temporarily as well.

(4) Players with 5 “Rare” cards (The particular type “Rare”), which represent the 5 “Bronze Saints” (青铜圣斗士) can also challenge the “Sanctuary”(圣域). Before the challenge, the challenger also need to pay a certain amount of XWG to start the challenge. If the challenger wins, he/she will get the XWG returned, also he/she will get all the XWG stored in the final palace. But in this case, the ownership of the “Sanctuary”(圣域) will not change. During the challenge, there will be 12 battles in total. Battles happen in each protected palace in order. In each battle, it’s 1 MYTH card VS 5 RARE cards. If the challenger loses, the XWG will be lost to the current owner of the “Sanctuary”(圣域). And the XWG will be kept in the final palace as well. After passing each protected palace successfully, the HP of the “Bronze Saints” (青铜圣斗士) can recover by a certain amount, let’s say 20% of the max HP.

(5) All the players can view the list the “Sanctuary”(圣域) and see the amount of XWG that each final places are holding.

Hope this idea can be considered.

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knowing that there are just over 1100 MITH cards, this idea is very selfish!!!
ahh ok, another idea from the Whale Team: “I spent a lot of money, and I need to earn a lot more”

Hi Kratagon,
First of all, there will be 7700 MYTH cards in total.

Looking at other NFT games, many projects have already failed. The most famous one might be Cryptomines. I think eventually, NFT games will turn to PLAY FOR FUN.

PLAY TO EARN might still be part of the game.

DREAM CARD needs to be more interesting and more challenging to attract more players. Without new players, even the passive XWG mining will not work for long term.

In my idea, for the players who holds the “Sanctuary”(圣域), they need to upgrade their MYTH cards to make sure they can defeat the challengers. But at the same time, in each battle, one challenger can use 5 upgraded RARE cards to fight 1 MYTH card. Actually, the chance for the challenger to win is not that low. If the challenger wins, he/she gets all the XWG in the final palace.

I believe this will help the project attract more players.

I understand this idea is not perfect. Let’s share our opinions and help this project succeed.


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