Suggestion: Improved mechanism to attract people into login daily

Attention: I’m pretty sure implementing this sort of thing could be some serious hard work, but I’m happy to share some ideas.

I think the actual “Daily Login reward” could be improved into some sort of “Social Daily Login Reward”, let me explain:

Instead of giving away an X amount of XWG, this could be transformed or could mutate into a “Social Action Reward”, for example, each day you log in you can give to your friends some sort of “Action Point”, this “Action Point” could be used, to surpass the Daily Battle Limit by an X amount.

Real case:

Jack does login, plays an amount of 120 battles, reaches his cap limit due to his commander level.
He instantly gains 5 Social Points upon reaching his battle limit.
Jack decides to send 1 Social Point to Johnny.

Johnny does log in, he receives the point from Jack. Johnny should play only an amount of 20 battles, due to his commander level. But because of Jack, his friend who initiated him into this game, sended him 1 Social Point, allows Johnny to play 1 more game. A total of 21 battles.
Johnny also gains 1 Social Points only because his commander is low level, and in return sends it back to Jack, but if he was more commander level, he could also send more to other friends.

Both Jack and Johnny did benefit from this, and made them to actually play until they exhausted their Daily Battles.
Of course there has to be some sort of limit on the Social Action Points an account can receive.


  • Not giving away more XWG because “yes” or because you simply have a wallet
  • Foment social action inside and outside the game
  • Foment legitimate activity inside game, leaving multiaccount/cheaters with no passive benefits
  • In a future this Friend-Social stuff could be used also to evolve into Guilds
  • Foment gameplay, nowadays you can login and exit
  • You can also implement a Captcha when an user sends a Social Activity Point, to ensure they aren’t bots.


  • Maybe some serious hard work to implement everything around
  • No cons

If you did made up any other idea that could be great bring it up! :wink: :wave:

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