[suggestion] Removal of the "lucky airdrop"

I would like to submit to the community vote the definitive deletion of the “lucky airdrop new player”

I wouldn’t write any further details to avoid abuse, but I think the source should be sorted out immediately.

What do you think ?


I think the team have a target amount of circulating cards before releasing the official game of Dream Card 1.0

we only had ±500k cards in circulation.

but I think after the closing of Expedition, and few changes of Bounty Hunter, Looters of daily airdrop will not get a chance to abuse any kind of staking anymore. Only days remaining before they get rekt

if I myself think that if it is stopped, then the target of 1,000,000 cards will not be met, maybe more precisely the airdrop cannot be traded or sent to another wallet so that new players who enter are really players, not just robot players looking for many cards then sent to the main wallet

I think removing the airdrop is premature. It still has a lot to do with popularizing the game. I don’t think there are really many spammers - the fee for receiving cards is quite high. And, even if this is not the case, then, attracting new players is much more important than the harm from spam - in fact, not as big as many people think.

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The giveaways have to be realistic to the new probable new players. A permanent airdrop of 100 NFT’s at this point is really enough to fill the needs of the project.
We don’t have much reach until big marketing and other mass media people starts talking about the project. And maintaining this airdrop of 5,000 is being tremendously bad, because the day we can reach many real people, they will not be able to enter because there will no longer be an airdrop or an easy entry due to the limitation and price of NFTs.

Please, fix this before it’s too late and harmful.


Yes, please fix it before will be too late.

In accordance, another type of reward must be generated in the income. If you look at when the player costs the income, it generates that he gives value to his investment texto en negrita