[Suggestion] Upcoming Runes may become something worth to farm daily and reward the user for FREE

Some may not know, but lately the NON-NFT version received an update which integrated runes inside the game. And probably we might get this in the near future, I’m speculating since there’s still no official info we may get this on NFT version.
If you have ever played Diablo or any kind RPG like, you should know by now what Runes do. Improve certain stats in order to allow you to progress even further.

I’m not aware of what are the Team plans, but before it does happen I think we have to take action since this is a good opportunity to reward daily users that do really play with an ingame asset for FREE.

We do not have any real case to foment organic gameplay on V2, and making Chapters or any other mode that could appear in the near future dropping this runes, could really improve the mindset of playing daily.

You can share your thoughts people, or simply support this thread bringing it out to Team awareness.
I’m fine with Cards and Equipment being assets that have to be bought, but Runes could be the first asset that really helps players that are stuck and give them good vibes to be capable of going further by just playing.


Hey Tidus, this is a nice and certainly GOOOD idea which i have to say (apart from being part of XWG team and as a user/community member im) I LOVE IT!

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Where could I download this game to try it?

In Taptap mobile and search Jidou Wushuang 2

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Thanks! Found it.
But is there any international version of it? I have “a little” ))) trouble with Chinese…)))

Unfortunately not available except Dream Card v2 :frowning: