[Suggestion][V1] One-to-Many battle mode

Hi development team,
Can we develop the one-to-many battle mode? Currently the matched players usually have a huge gap in powers, which makes many players hesitate to play.
In the one-to-many mode, the stronger player will fight against two weaker players at the same time. If the two weak players win the battle, then they have to battle again to decide who is the final winner.

It will bring a lot of fun I guess.

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That sounds not bad…me, I have not the deck (or better said not the commander) to battle multiple oponents, but I can imagine that it would be a lot more interesting for stronger players.

Funny idea :+1:

Don’t worry on that. Since the V1 release won’t lead to any lose even if you can’t win the match, it won’t bother anyone.

Team already said, winners or losers will have changes to also earn.
Also, the difference of powers it’s here now because we’re a little community, but as soon this gets bigger the gap will get closer.

And since being a little community is a thing right now, I think the Team does like more to focus on a single game mode, since creating more modes would dilute players between them.

The idea overall seems funny, but maybe too hard to implement. Dunno.

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