[Suggestion] [V2] to off-chain for live

XWG team should put away on-chain system from V2 and retrieve their fee income of users trading from 3th party dapps through the off-chain system.

there is no tariffs, no keep.

team’s worries fundamentally begin here.

Ultimately, it recommends off-chainization of equipment, prohibition of trading for increase draw rate and XWG token burn, removal of free AIR DROP, and realistic way of card listing, No fees when listing, increase fee rate of XWG on advanture.

this does not mean that the on-chain NFT card system should be completely abandoned. It means to receive a fee when switching from off-chain to on-chain. like v1

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I think this is a very important topic here!

Basically I think you’re right. The team also needs its income for their work.

And this is a easy way to generate it. In V2 I guess this income is more generated by the fees when opening treasure chests (or is that all fee to BSC chain?). Further I think this switching between on-chain and off-chain has positive aspects as well as negative.

Negative for my opinion, it often scares off new players. At the beginning they see the fees and therefore they swap less characters to off-chain. This costs fun factor (less players with less cards). And the actual 20 XWG fee in V1 is a little bit to much I think. (Specially low budget) players can not pay 1$ fee (plus BNB fee) to move a card with a value from 1$…imagine you have to pay that >100 % for a bank transfer. I could imagine that this way you loose a lot of player just after initial calculation.
*I just thought about while typing: With an additional off chain marketplace (and perhaps an offchain stablecoin for internal transactions) this could look somehow better at initial calculation.

For sure, a positive aspect is less price volatility…but with events like bounty hunter you also need this dynamic usage. I was really happy and impressed that it works so good in V2.

And till now I have the feeling that most projects prefer to get this dynamic usage working.

Kind regards :v: I’m looking forward to see some more ideas in this thread, this is an interesting topic!