Team's Transparency and Lack of Fulfilling promises

First of all, I want to say that in no way or form I want to FUD this project. Everything that I will say is to improve the project for the community and the team should take this as feedback.
I have added some of the things that I have said in xworld telegram.

The DAO is currently useless, this is backed up by the following:

The communication between the team and playerbase/investors is seriously lackluster. This can be backed up by the issues such as:
- Maintenance in games is announced solely on Telegram and rarely on discord. The issue here is that the maintenance is announced at most 20 minutes before. Any big project has to have a fixed schedule, for example, every week on monday at 12:00 PM UTC, maintenance will be performed. Sure, there might be times where critical bugs appear, and for that emergency maintenance can be done, but there needs to be a schedule for maintenance, and not just announcing it 20 minutes early, give atleast 7-8 hours warning.
- Dreamcard Bimbos: No mint cost provided anywhere. After advertising as a giveaway(Proof , it says giveaway and whitelist can be done for free projects as well), the mint price was not announced anywhere, not on twitter or any other social media. The team in discord and telegram later answered that its 0.05 ETH mint, but there was no advertisement done of any sort. When projects mint, they plan for months and don’t just randomly drop a link for a mint ( 9 HOURS HEADS UP :rofl:, come on, atleast market with the mint date for a week or two). Anyhow, the team assured us that more information will be provided, but that has not come yet ( Yes, there was a medium post, but it didn’t explain any details and a new source of information was to be provided to the community). I want to add that I do own a bimbo and have been waiting for more information (also believe the supply should be reduced to 777 or 1500).
- Mid-February Marketplace maintenance: Again, no heads up for anyone. Marketplace was down for 2 days, after it goes down, some mods say the contract is updating, but this should’ve been informed to the community. Oh did I mention that the marketplace is not functioning properly again (3rd March), no announcement again.
- V1 system overhaul: Cards have their skills/stats changed. Announcement: Nowhere to be found. Patch notes: Not found either.
- Binance NFT converter not functional: No announcement, atleast announce that it’s not working and players shouldn’t attempt it until its fixed.
- Equipment Draw bug: No announcement that it’s bugged, some players don’t receive equipment. IMO it should’ve been taken down after the first 20 times the bug is reported, but now the team has to manually check each player who’ve lost equipment after filling the form.

Some Unfulfilled Promises:

  • There was a v2 launch campaign along with bug bounty, which was supposed to end in January, yet no information was provided and the rewards haven’t been given or announced.
    - Genesis pool was announced for 1st feb, yet delayed for over an month and last update was beginning of February, where it was stated that it will be coming soon.
    - Removal of unnecessary gas fees in v2 (For example, collecting chest reward AND then collecting it again from adventure)
    - Binance V2 mystery box: These cards (Gray and Betty) were not playable until mid february. If they were not ready, why sell the mystery box? Also in the mystery box’s rule section, it states: “Dream World Combination Bounty Hunter offers designated Heroes combination bonuses” (Source), yet these characters have not gotten a combination bonus ( It’s been more than a month).

EDIT 1: New Points
Mystery box sold on the notion of getting priority to test V2 - Complete lie. I bought some mystery boxes in order to test V2 along with other members of the community. Guess what? There was no priority, so the selling points of these mystery boxes was a complete lie. Thanks to Luan on Telegram for reminding me of this.

How can we solve it?
The issue is clearly that the team/community mods are not getting clear information from the devs, but the team should try to resolve that ASAP. Devs need to plan ahead and set a fixed schedule for maintenance and have everything ready BEFORE events are announced (looking at genesis pool). Making announcements on the day itself is disrespectful to the community.

While we’re on this point, let’s also try to fix the broken English in the game and social media, I don’t know who is running the bimbos and XWG twitter account, but please give it to J0UINSS8 or Spotter, as they seem to be fluent in English, or hire somebody for social media. The English in the game is laughable and doesn’t put a good image of the project inside the mind of a new player, so I ask that to be fixed asap.

Final Remarks
You cannot run a DAO without being transparent with the community and hopefully the lack of communication will be fixed ASAP. Also DAO considers community’s point of view, so some members of the community should be chosen to forward ideas to the team for a DAO Vote.

I will add more issues if I remember, cause there are a lot more.



I think all you wrote is very important. I know proyect its getting bigger and bigger, and its logical to find bugs, ppl who take advantage of that, some changes that are not enought for investors or players. But making comunication more efficient can be helpfull, so we can stay in calm and make good decisions about this game.

If new people come to XWG, they will see good and bad points. Communication can make all improvements better and invest with less fear.


I will also add some.

*There is a seperate group for PATCH TEST OF V1 that was dissolved without even announcing what will happened nxt. You can notice the huge change in every card’s skill set rn and it was implemented after they collect our feedbacks and suggestions. Atleast tell us how long should we wait to expect the reward.

    It is clearly stated that the winner will be announce right after 48 hours. 5 days already but it seems that they forgot about it.

They did it again LoL :rofl:

who knows if you already got the rarest attribute and then they suddenly changed all of the Bimbos Attributes

Again, no announcement regarding this

Haha, this one I also noticed last night. The Bimbos contract had a different image and what was appearing on opensea/tofunft was different. Seems like they both merged into the contract version now, but I have no idea as to what was causing this problem. To see the metadata now, you can replace the 45 in this link (, to the number of your bimbo.
And to see the images, you can do the same, on this link (

Also another thing I want to put to light here is that the bimbos had closed for mint about 3 days ago. But recently, someone changed the Base URI of the contract to allow them to mint. To change the base URI, you have to own the contract. I believe the team should follow the same rules as the community and mint along with us, instead of opening the contract again just for yourselves. Also since the images/metadata of all the bimbos are uploaded already, this is considered as a malicious act ( As they can snipe rare bimbos due checking the metadata of UNSOLD bimbos from above) and I believe this is what has happened with bimbo #159.

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What’s wrong with non-fluency in English?

Honestly, please feel welcome to leave and find other projects with better English & longer notice, and fulfill all promises :slight_smile:

Take care & Cheers!

Edwin, and this is all you can aswer on long list of claims to your team?
Community complained (it wasn’t just one person) - so there is something to what you HAVE TO pay attention. But you instead say f,k off, go to other place to cry yor tears. Do you really think this is normal behavior?

Once again above there is the big list of troubles. Why don’t you give your proper answer?


I think this is TRULY LAUGHABLE, while the team is busy on keep improving the product and launching new stuff, and people here are complaining they didn’t get enough FREE GIVEAWAY?


Just leave and go find other airdrop projects, we’re too busy bringing new stuff to the community.

and sorry our english sucks.

To be honest, this wasn’t the type of response I was hoping for. I never said that there is anything wrong with being not fluent in english, but once you cater to a global audience, the communication between the team and the community has to be there in a professional manner. However, the language in the game and twitter wasn’t even the main issue, all we as the player-base asked was for the team to be transparent with the community and at least assure us that some measures are being taken to fix some of the issues and these kind of situations will not arise in the future. Hopefully, you guys reword this statement, cause this is not about airdrops or giveaways, its about communicating with the player-base.


Just to let you know, we’re a global team, many of our members just do not speak English, but it doesn’t stop them to build and deliver a good game for the community.

So I don’t think language is a barrier, guess how many of our community members do not speak English as well, but they still enjoyed the graphics, the DC characters, the earnings.

We try our best to support as many as possible activities and as many as possible prizes to encourage the community engagements. We’re humans, we all only have 24 hours a day, sometimes there are just more urgent things to do.

Just because we didn’t distribute the rewards doesn’t mean we didn’t fulfill our promises, did we come out with a playable game? YES. Exchange? YES. Wallet? Yes. Staking? Yes. I can list many more compare to other GAMEFI projects.

There are just priorities, some things need to be put first, some things have to go later.

Anyway, we’re here to build, so please stop spreading those negative energy. I’ll follow up on those giveaway prizes.

Thank you and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response. I agree with most of your points here, I have no complain with the quality of the project and I still enjoy the gameplay and staking features of the project and hopefully this continues in the future.

I also agree with the point that language is not a barrier for developing products. But it is a barrier when the information does not reach the community. As I’ve seen, the team has recently hired many new faces, which is a great sign for the project, but the interaction between the team and the community is still lacking and I was hoping that it would be improved in the future.

Also, not trying to spread any negative energy, as I started my post at the top by saying that I don’t want to FUD :slightly_smiling_face:, as feedback is required for any project to succeed.

Have a nice day ahead, Edwin :smiley:


YES! Thank you! :star_struck: :star_struck:


As quoted above, this isn’t FUDding and especially not complaints about not getting REWARDS lol

this is about COMPLYING. XWG is a BIG NAME in Cryptospace and we really appreciate the fast progress that we never see in most of the NFT P2E nowadays. Getting behind those giveaway deadlines is normal as long as there is an update about adjustment being made.

But why getting triggered when someone tried to remind the team about it? Why dont followed us back instead? I cant really put my exact words here but I hope you understand me :pray:

Still, I’m a big supporter of XWG and you, Sir @edwin_xwg and I’m pretty sure about the bright future of XWG ahead

*ps. still mad I didnt got a chance to ask in your latest AMA coz the chat never opened in mine :rage:

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Thank u also!

There’s always thousands Questions during AmA lives. :face_with_spiral_eyes: But we will have some more xwg community campaigns while @Kata_XWG is here!:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

and yes, just confirmed, regarding those v2 test rewards, list will be announced next week.

@Adit @Tidus

Have a great weekend guys! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Thank u also!

There’s always thousands Questions during AmA lives. :face_with_spiral_eyes: But we will have some more xwg community campaigns while @Kata_XWG is here!:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

and yes, just confirmed, regarding those v2 test rewards, list will be announced next week.

@Adit @Tidus

Have a great weekend guys! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Thanks for the quote @edwin_xwg win, so now I’m aware we’ve got a datetime from that happening.
:wink: :wink:

For the rest of the thread, it should be easy to understand people, they are growing as the project does as a Team. When that kind of things do happen usually roles inside the enterprise could easily switch to another and some things could be left behind or forgotten accidentally. There’s no need to bring to need bad words or vibes to the table since they have been always responsive and open to discuss anything for the good growth of the project. There are certain projects around that they don’t even respond PM’s and only do official announcements, and here we have direct feedback from the founders.

Also, I been pushing a hard feedback on privately or openly in social media, they never left me without any response or further notice about something. Sincerely, they been always taking care of everything, they stick to the roadmap, and most IMPORTANT: their word. If they said they will airdrop or anything else, at the end it happened, maybe later than expected, but happened. Which is the important thing here.

I do agree we need to keep communicating and make a good statements so the community is aware of what’s happening all time and also to keep everyone more involved, and this has to improve overtime, but people, be also realistic and not rude, there are certain things that doesn’t even happen with other products outside crypto world and we cannot be here expecting even more.

The project itself it’s solid, they have been done A LOT of giveaways from my point of view, they don’t owe us anything. This is a mentality I have seen this years lately on the space I don’t really like it at all, if giveaways do happen, well it happens.

Genesis Pool - as for the moment they brought X-Collector
Work on fees - It’s on the roadmap, check out

I do myself have a lot to talk about on the project, but lack of fulfilling promises not really.