The problem with XWG 2.0

There are quite a few problems now that XWG 2.0 is activated.

The biggest problem is the gas cost problem that occurs every time equipment/character is purchased.

The gas cost alone exceeds 10% of the 20XWG price to buy equipment.

For these problems, I hope that the packages will be diversified, such as 5/10, not 1.

In addition, the problem that loading continues to occur should be paid attention to game optimization updates.

yaaa, i know the gas fee is rili annoying for most crypto games.

We’ll talk to the team to see if there’s a temporary solution for that, but in order to become a blockchain game, you gotta put lots of “in-game behaviors” on-chain.

For a long-term plan, we’ll be developing our own sidechain, just like Axie’s Ronie, I think that’s the ultimate solution.

and Yes, we’ll continue optimizing the Game itself, thanks for bringing the issue to our attention!


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This is no true what you said Edwin, even axie during its early days in the ethereum network had game separated from eth, sure… to do transactions of axies / breeding, claim slp etc… you needed to pay eth fees, however to play adventures, arena, and farm slp you never needed to pay fees because they built the base game outside the eth chain, and only used the eth chain when some breeding / selling of asset was involved.

The same should be done here, make the xwg farmeable in-game without bsc let it stack in there, and once people have farmed enough they can claim on a single transfer the problem is that the current xwg entry ticket don’t allow for this.

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ya, that’s pretty much the mechanism we built on DC v1, and guess what, there are ppl complaining it’s not DECENTRALIZED enough.

So we changed a lot on DC v2.

I’m not the only one who feels this, maybe some other players too, if you want to be successful, build a fun ecosystem, keep spirit XWG Team

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Yes, for sure! It’s still Beta, there will be an next update soon.

Teams are working on those issues you guys addressed. :muscle:

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