The real investors'dilemma

It was a surprise when it was decided to close the pool “expedition”.
I fully understand the purpose of such a decision and I fully support the team.
I would like to raise the fact that not only hackers have common cards in the pool, also serious players had many waiting for a new event or simply capitalizing on the future.
I have taken out my rare and epic cards but I will leave behind 193 common cards for a total of 9324 hashrates … all these cards were bought in the market and of course it can be demonstrated thanks to the blockchain … with so many airdrops and hackingcards the investors of the first day now have to pay for the broken glasses …
I am not asking for full compensation but a small gift would be good for those who can show good faith in the matter.
I hope with this post we can discuss the issue and create a strong core of loyal investors and players involved from the beginning. Version 2.0 gives me a lot of illusion, I am very impatient to be able to play and continue with the adventure. I wish you all a happy year 2022 and many victorious battles in the dreamcards world.


are you planning to leave the common cards behind and let it burn?

Yes, with the cost of the transactions it is not worth it. I have saved all the cards with a hasrate higher than 70.