Trade your LUCID on the X Marketplace!

X World Games is integrating LUCID trading onto their X Marketplace.

LUCID trading will officially be available on the X Marketplace this week! X World Games’ newest BEP-1155 token asset, the primary play-to-earn reward and in-game asset for Dream Card, LUCID , will be supported for trading on the X Marketplace.

X Marketplace update will occur at 06:00 UTC on Thursday, May 12th.

LUCID address:

As a part of XWG’s new tokenomics, our new in-game asset, LUCID, will be used to participate in our XWG staking pools. If you missed the memo- read more here to learn about the changes in our tokenomic’s.

We’re very excited to finally be opening up LUCID trading on the X Marketplace as we prepare for the release of our brand new staking system in the X Pools! May will be an exciting time for X World Games, so be sure to check out our Coming Soon Updates in May to keep up to date with everything happening this month!

“Wen LUCID on Marketplace?” 06:00 UTC on Thursday, May 12th!


we are very happy too :partying_face::+1:

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This is great! Waiting for V2 marketplace… :slight_smile:

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Very interesting.And guys dont forget to read about my article about LUCID in a section of XDAO
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