We need an Official statement about cheaters, exploiters, abusers

Lately there has been a lot of feedback about how the system has been abused in several ways.
In this thread I’m not going to even detail how or who has been doing this, I’m not doing this thread to target someone personally.

Other projects like AXS already had issues like this and they made within a really short time frame an open communicate and took directly actions against those who have been exploiting banning their assets.
No mercy, or compassion, their assets got straight banned.

The reason why I’m asking a direct and Official statement it’s because this kinda of people is already creating a toxic and problematic behavior on honest players. This behavior could end up having most of players replicating the same abusive pattern since seems there’s free and plenty of space to keep abusing the system and they can keep dumping the token forever.

Being in a Alpha or Beta stage should not allow anyone to be exploiting over and over the system even we know some bugs or ways to monetize more could appear in a non-ethical way.

I ask again, do, please, and Official statement about what’s the Team next move on this abuse, we’re not asking you to integrate a banning system right now, of course we need it but it could take some time. But give us your word that you’ve got firm hand on this matter and they’re gonna face consequences.
Do not show mercy, they don’t care about what we are building neither do respect other players in some conversations I have seen around.

Pronounce yourself X World Games.

Do not wait more on this matter.

Edit: already got some feedback on this matter, and since we’ve got a pretty bad timing with DC2.0 launch and Chinese holidays, some things that needs to be addressed are taking longer, but I hope we see some official communicate on this matter soon.



1st of all, you have to fix bugs. Some of us are not able to play for more than 10 days.
Almost all of us are loosing real money because of bugs.

2nd. Some toxic players have already been reported. You can even find this information in Telegram. But this is a secondary problem. There are maybe 10 toxic players. But there are thounsands affected but daily bugs. We went into the project not to LOOSE money BECAUSE OF bugs.

3 point is fees: to buy a ticket & open a chest cost more than the value of the chest.

4 any communication for almost 2 weeks. This is simply impossible at the beginning of the project with plenty of bugs when we are loosing the money.

Guys, the idea of this game was nice, but your project is going to sink. That’s what people are speaking. Me personally, I’m out.

Best regards,


To much said in telegam chat about developing good game/product.
But also too many guys - about fucking ppl just like them. But at the end they will fuck themselves. And that’s all.

Look at the screens. This is one of many conv that I saw:

No need to argue - they count that this is normal. practice. And nothing else. Just like hundreds of other scammers

Dann! Why do the creators even make this game? Rising star up and stone down?
And is this game at all?!..