We want your suggestions about Common cards utility

Over the past few weeks, you’ve raised some concerns about Common cards within XWG’s ecosystem: from airdrops, to staking, and their in-game usability. So, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to decide how you envision Common NFT utility on our platform for the foreseeable future.

For example: do you believe Common cards should be used mainly to play the game rather than staking or vice-versa? Should they be recycled? Or even combined to create higher rarity NFTs? …and the list goes on and on…

Indeed, there are many ways this can be worked out. Therefore, we are here to take your suggestions. Once a considerable number of feedback have been collected, we will pick two or three from the list and open a DAO vote for you to settle the matter. So, let’s go! Let your imagination run wild! Steer us towards the future!


I think. If you want recycle or combine common card you need reduce the limit supply of nft. If supply nothing reduce when the supply will be limit ): but if you want recycle may be you can recycle with give cashback XWG

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Well, I’m very disappointed how the team are dealing with the current situation, they are shooting on their feet giving rewards on XWG, our native token, making all games non profitable and worthless to invest on it. With all fees that we are paying, mean a lot, this game is a fee gainers number one trust me, why don’t pay rewards on another coin, still giving XWG as a reward are making our main coin worthless and not interested for investing.
Please take a note, it’s a community voice claim. Thanks

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should be recycled!!!

I would suggest my few ideas

I will still include my proposal about staking common cards. Don’t get rid common cards at all from staking coz it will affect even the smallest investors. But rather block/ban about 3/4 of common card’s supply from entering BH Pool every season. POOL IS TOO CROWDED TO FIT ALL COMMON CARDS IN THE SAME POOL.
Only those Commons from DEMAND LIST should enter BH every season

Recycle for COMMONS will help to INCREASE the price floor of every COMMON CARDS but at what stake? there is 1m supply and 88% is common. It is a disaster if only 12% will be remain in the future. Not everyone can enter to play Dream Cards anymore if there is only about 120,000 remaining circulating supply of cards. Also, only the abuser of Newbie Airdrop would be very happy with this.

I really love this idea and it was already aproved in DAOs a long time ago, right?
Collecting and Combining them to create higher rarity cards will be the most usecase of Common cards.


According to the whitepaper, common cards would make up 80% of all cards (excluding heroes sold on Binance IGO). Also, when I first invested in the project, there was this video;

We already had the anticipation of card merge here. Now it’s nice to think that this could actually happen. If it will happen, how this merge will be done clearly and the formula you think should be shared with the community and submitted for approval.

However, since the price of XWG directly affects the prices of assets such as NFT cards, I can offer a solution for this.

Some players are waiting for a new prize pool as they think they are the victims of the XWG price. The prize pool is definitely not a viable and permanent solution. More rewards mean more selling pressure. Any trade not bought with XWG is detrimental to investors and players.

Some practices are necessary to reduce the selling pressure on players and investors. To mention these;

  • Tier 1 CEX (Binance) List. (Previously, CEO Fernando Oscar Liu had promised this.)
  • The distribution of Dreamcard v2 to App markets (Google Playstore - Apple Appstore - Huawei AppMarket) should be done as soon as possible, this is the best way to attract new players.

Also, generally speaking, where and how do we spend XWG right now?

  • Raising exp for characters,
  • Opening boxes to get items,
  • Buying tickets for parties,

The new pre-contract fees were charged in XWG, now they are charged in BNB. (New Value is 0.0011 BNB. Why?) XWG must be spent for the solution, as in the old contract, otherwise the game economy will collapse and we will fall under it…

Raising EXP to characters actually means burning coins. These operations should be done more practically and at lower cost.

XWG isn’t strong enough in this economy and nobody wants to invest that much in a character. You have to be crazy to make a 3rd gen character. While constructing tokenomics, values such as the number of coins etc. may have been adjusted according to this scenario, but it is very difficult to proceed in this way for now.

Bringing equipment and land sales to the game market with XWG will bring some movement.


Interesting topic…hard to decide.

One question about…what is planned for generation 2 cards in the future? I couldn’t find some details about. Will they be same charcters with decreased stats or new characters?

About fusioning
My thought is that fusioning to have a chance to increase rarity can be a nice thing, this has some gambling factor…and people like that, as long as they win, if not they are also frustrated. In most games I played people abused fusioning rates and costs a lot.

Further it can raise the entry price to enormous highs so it could get hard to recruit new players…and I think recruiting new players is much more healthy for the economy than a group of people that have a monopol-like influence to the ecosystem. I saw games where the market place was full with highly overrated cards that nobody bought.

About staking
I think what we want is people that play, a high usage causing that you meet different enemies with different strategies. If you make staking to the primary utility some guys buy all common cards, stake them away and the number of actively participating players decreases.

For this reason staking as primary utility for common cards is out. You should not make loss if you stake them, but it should also not be to profitable (at least star rank should be raised, as kind of a participation).

The need of common cards
I think common cards are typical used to get in the game. New players need them to check if they want to play the game. Staking is more interesting if you have a lot of cards that are actual not played…but that’s not the typical situation of new players.

So I think utility for common cards is to offer a quiet cheap entry to a game or the opportunity to grind profit by actively participating a lot. For sure they can not make 10$ a day with cards for 2$…but it should be possible to make a plus.

I think V1 and also V2 made it quiet good with common cards. It took about a month for me where I played (daily all possible rounds) without withdrawal. Then I had my invest (something < 15$) back in XWG with some little profit. Then I decided to go deeper and bought new characters and so it grews up. With the 10 card demand combination also staking is profitable and I think that’s ok, whoever buys frequently 10 other cards and locks them away some time has also made a type of contribution. I think these chances of entry should be there for new players.

Therefore I basically suggest Utility: Playing

…or Utility: Fusioning (but only if there will be enough new genereation commons available in the near future)…but that’s the way with a very high risk i think.

Actually just need to nerf common reward. Make the box 88u have real value. So that will consider about what to do with common.

Even let people burn their common to mint rare, still not worth to do it. And with long run, burn rare to mint epic ???

The solution is burn common to get exp that can apply to card to up generation. And the NFT dream card quantity restrict 1.000.000

Good afternoon!

This dialogue should be started by accepting as an axiom the fact that 80-90% of current mass common card holders are airdrop abusers. I’m not talking about those who bought them from the market (even if cheap) - there are not so many of them.

Based on the essence of many conversations in the community and long-term observation of what is happening - you need to do the following:

  1. Significantly reduce the reward for staking common cards compare to green cards and above. Do not give any of these crazy bonuses of 5000 hashrate and etc. It’s like one orange card (by price). What is complete nonsense! You can’t do that! It’s killing the ecosystem! Completely remove ALL common card bonuses. Basically EVERYTHING!

  2. Give the ability to combine common cards to get a card of a higher class. Scheme: 10 commons is 1 green. And it is MANDATORY to apply substantial fees on this process!

  3. Allow common cards to be turned into experience to upgrade other cards for 50% of their base value (1 gray card = 24 experience).
    Implement steps 3 and 4 in order to force all abusers to further convert commons into normal cards and spend their own funds on real participation in the project. This will not harm the rarity of the cards and there will be more players in the game. It is beneficial for the project that players invest in cards, and not suck out XWG token through staking of cards received dishonestly.

  4. In no case should you give the opportunity to turn common cards into XWG token! All these abusers will just get a bunch of coins in their hands and sell them at the moment! Quotes of the token - in the floor.

Ultimately, you need to put everything in its place. The one who invested more xvg, who participates in the project more (plays, passes more and more new levels, improves cards and ammunition, tests cards, strategies), gets more profit.
So far, current implemented idea that in the play-to-earn project PLAYERS get a miserable amount, and those who are looking for “passive” income get the most delicious pieces of profit, is not fundamentally correct! Although (I repeat) 80-90% of these “passive investors” are abusers.


Also important point. I’m not complete in that economy topic, but I guess if “Project XWG” makes a lot people spend BNB (so they create BNB circulation) the project is also higher valuable for the BSC chain or Binance as company…or am I wrong with that idea? I always try to bring things in a participation-contribution-rewarding context. For nothing you get nothing.


I think that multiple choices can be made with common cards:

-Burn for EXP: So player can level up their cards to become more powerful, because reaching 3rd gen is really expensive for one card;

-Burn for higher rarity: This can be a nice solution, but what if we apply it for higher rarity (rare → epic, epic → legendary) and so on… But maybe this can harm the ecosystem in the future.

-Decrease the rewards (or bonuses) in the pool for common cards / make a more long-living pool only for common cards: this can be some kind of pact: ppl buy common cards to earn passively XWG, leaving higher rarities cards for players and with no fear of high fees due to unstaking. I know that there were some problems with classic NFT pool, but maybe with some restiction (like limited-number cards for pool or others) can help.

-Please, close the newbie airdrop. Common cards cost a few dollars, so it is like a gift.

Indeed the price of cards has falling, and ppl does not want to buy mystery boxes because there is a good chance to get rekt. We should add more value to high rarities cards too.

Thank you for listening :pray:

why care them when give for free?
ok i take 2000 common from airdrop and make myth card with them combine! i upgrade card 96000xwg card burn exp! all idea monkey after you give 1million card for free.
many say not all spam airdrop , what different buy from market and spam air drop? market common so cheap price is airdrop effect, if no airdrop they couldn’t buy card so cheap.
after give 1million card you want to give more utility to them, change gamename common world games


It will also have huge effect in overall ecosystem. 88% of card’s total supply is common. If they dont have any benefits from buying them, (removing bonuses from staking) no small investors will enter Dream Cards at all. We all know it is not advisable to upgrade your commons just to play V1 and V2 so… no to very little usecase at all.

and in the question about merging commons,
“why would I burn my 10 to 15 common cards to get Rare if I could buy Rare cards directly from the marketplace? What would be my advantage from burning it?”

  • if we burn 10 cards with a base hashrate of 48,
    480 Hashrate in exchange of 1 Rare card? No one will buy Rare cards directly. they just have to buy 10 cards. Thus affecting the floor price of Rare cards

*If we burn 15 cards, 720 hashrate in exhange for a hashrate of 1 Rare? (636) Would it benefit me? no.

These ideas should be carefuly analyze and I hope the community will have to decide before implementing all of these for better ecosystem of XWG

now free common already even more market value than green and blue. not onli staking value
common 50% hash rate market, green 40% hash rate market, blue 45% hashrate market.
so low % get blue and green from expensive mysteri box and the price? still value lower than free card. Project planning give more value to them is laughable.


Make card can be enhance with another card for EXP.
Just like equipment in V2.
It will make demand grow, also make card prices stable according to their reference prices / hashrate.


@edwin_xwg @J0UINSS8 @Kata_XWG

Well, this is a suggestion that has so many sides that affect directly or indirectly that I hope not to overwhelm or make it too dense. I really believe that an easy solution is not the way to go.
You have to think about the whole ecosystem.
We must first understand the premises of the project and specifically what its projection is.
We are interested in this being a project entirely dedicated to P2E right?

Well, we are going to base this suggestion on these points.

  • Keep in mind that there has been an abuse in these common cards and any use that can be given to them should not directly give more rewards
  • These community cards should be used to play, play and play, not keep making them go from pool to pool no matter how much they rotate
  • The value of the project’s assets must be promoted, also understanding that there are people who will not be able to enter if the threshold is too high
  • The project aims to minimize staking and pass these rewards to the game (Implementation of a completely new staking system based on games played to also enhance scholarships and make sense of them)

Now let’s detail each point:
- Keep in mind that there has been an abuse in these common cards and any use that can be given to them should not directly give more rewards

This is a handicap that puts us in a delicate situation, because a false step in this decision could put the entire project at risk, so ideas should always be around enhancing functions within the game in a sensible way.

Realistic examples:
*Allowing cards to burn to level up the commander.
Everyone with the version 1 buff is going to want to play and have a high commander level, allow burning with this, it will allow them to play more, but they will have to do it with their deck as it is.
In addition, the commander cannot be sold, nor exchanged, nor would anyone buy accounts/wallets even if they had the commander at the maximum level, so no additional benefit can be obtained outside the ecosystem.

*Any use related to “enclosing” the cards within the ecosystem by burning them could be feasible, I can’t think of more practical options at the moment, but the following points should be considered equally.

Ideas I am completely against:
Combining commons to create rares would only completely spoil the economy and legitimize some exploited cards becoming part of the higher value market, common cards should be the reference value so that someone can play without making a very high expense and it is good that that continues to exist and we do not eliminate that floor

Do not allow cards to be boosted, either by experience or rarity, again, these cards were exploited, the value that is transferred to another asset becomes legitimate and spoils the economy, there is no legitimate way to find a reference value at this point when it comes to burning one of these cards and giving an addition to another that may seem reasonable, they have been sold below their market value in XWG

- These community cards should be used to play, play and play, not keep making them go from pool to pool no matter how much they rotate

The common cards amassed by the exploiters and others who have bought them at unrealistic prices must be used for what they were created for: playing.
How to further encourage its use?
Make cards require recharge in order to be staked.
How would this system work?
For every 400 games played in V1 give 1 day of staking. (Which would be rounded playing 4 days with a commander at the maximum level)

For every 32 chapters played with a card in V2, it earns 1 day of staking, which would be 4 days playing and spending all the stamina that the game gives.

Why give 1 day of staking every 4 days of play? Simple, we all want to have vacations a year, including those who want to be awarded a scholarship, turning 365 days of play into 30 days of staking. It is a very reasonable proposal.

- The value of the project’s assets must be promoted, also understanding that there are people who will not be able to enter if the threshold is too high

If you do not play, the cards do not receive anything for staking, this also serves another very interesting purpose: scholarships, this actively encourages all cards to circulate and be used.

This stamina/pool system would only apply to common cards. The rest would continue to function normally.
Or even, if you wanted to encourage big investors, you could make the higher rarity cards that have been played and accumulated stamina get a x2 x3 x4 mining bonus depending on their charge.

I must say, the rare, epic, legendary and mythical cards are severely forgotten, I do not understand this need to always encourage the common ones to be comparable to these when their price is ridiculous and this would revalue the others, for the moment both Bounty Hunter and X -Collector Pool are examples that staking does not contribute anything since people are not withdrawing the cards but the rewards generated by them. And the worst example is the X-Collector where they all have the same value, it is not possible that a card exploited and sold at 2$(56xwg) has the same value as one that is worth 500$(6363xwg) mythical.

Precisely what needs to be done is to encourage more large investment.

Giving free rewards to common is what needs to stop in one way or another. Make them play. Not stake and forget. Encourage its use and point what really are, low key entrance to the project.

Also the right moment to think on this is right now, when the Lending system is about to come.

  1. Cho phép kết hợp để tạo ra thẻ cao hơn.
  2. Dừng airdrop thường xuyên và chỉ dành airdop cho sự kiện phát triển XWGgame như có phần thưởng nft cho người giới thiệu …
  3. Giới hạn common tham gia staking. 1 acc có 1000 xwg dược staking 1 nhóm 10 common acc có 10k thì staking 10 nhóm…
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Had to chime in here after reading such a valuable discussion going on. Just because i’m a mod doesn’t make my opinion anything official nor trying to assert pressure so take my words as a piece of pie. I’m writing this as my position as a community member who’s been supporting this project for a very long time.
This will be a very long wall of text so make sure to prepare a popcorn and a beer for the show if you’re planning to read.

Over view
The situation

As you all may read from our Airdrop smart contract’s History, 470,866 cards are claimed so far as the point of writing this. That is equivalent to 78% of the total cards in circulation at the moment.

The solution to the problem posed by these cards should never be simple, because it is currently impossible to determine the “monetary value” of these cards. The same common card that is a $20 blind box is not worth the same weight as one that is airdropped.
The current market price of common cards is based on airdropped cards, so if a common card is an outlier from a blind box, the person who got it has no choice but to cry. This is not to say that common cards are worthless. They are worthless as a result of the fact that 78% of the total distribution volume has been distributed without contributing a single dime into the ecosystem.

above being said, it is not appropriate to introduce simple ideas like “fuse the cards” or “use them as experience”. Is this the scene you would like to see? countless myth cards printed in large quantities at a value of around 2000xwg breaking into the market, army of 3rd generation cards mass produced at a dirt cheap cost obliterating the investors who have supported the project for years in the pvp? Do you really think this is the right answer?
a solution that directly adds monetary value to them or a way to launder it to legitimate its value should never be implemented as it will crash the market completely and bring chaos.

Okay, then why did we not stop or done it in the first place?
Don’t ask, please.

First Step- Separating air dropped cards and regular cards
Based on these considerations, the first step in my recommended plan is to completely separate “air-drop cards” from “regular cards.” All airdrop cards are recorded in one smart contract, albeit with different inflow channels. It is very easy to tag these and put a logo for them(like genesis, thanks giving and Christmas cards) to make it easily distinguishable to the user’s eye.
Staking will still be available for the “regular cards” without any system changes , and for the air dropped cards, users will be able to convert them into a regular cards(removing the tag) by adding substantial amount of experience points(100XWG is a sweetspot id say because the current minimum hashrate bonus common card gets is 190xwg 150from quality bonus and 40from chaos elemental bonus, 10random common cards will secure these to each of one in the team). Don’t count “Airdropped cards” into the 1,000,000 mint and stop the conversion option when we are reaching close to this number.

This will allow us to compensate for the imbalances caused by the Airdrop without collpasing the systems and infrastructure we have built along the way.
As I understand Many of the investors aren’t happy with the crazy bonus hash rate of common cards are getting but the design itself is actually Amazing. Let me stretch this again, common cards aren’t worthless, it’s the fact that we have supplied 471,000 cards through airdrop rendered their value down. Obtaining these legitimately, it would cost a player to risk 88% of the chance opening a $20 blind box. Them having huge has rate bonus in staking will make these people feel better “Oh shoot, i didn’t score a high rarity card! but at least i can recover from my loss if i stake them for 2months!.” , or they can even be sold with value much higher than you know… the current market price. It also promotes thousands of Binance common cards being completely abandoned in Binance platform because the current monetary value of common card doesn’t even compensate for the conversion fees alone.

Step two- Give them utility to play, play, play and PLAY!
It appears to my eye that everyone is chasing after the money but we are forgetting the heart of XWG, it is a Gamefi project and not a pure Defi. Cards are there to be played and traded , not to just simply rot in staking pool for eternity.

Folk a server with our existing products that allows only “Airdropped cards” can be played. This serves as a “trial version” for more serious investors who are considering to go big with us to try out our product before making their decision.
All cards will have 2 skills at max level
All players commander level will be set to 15

This allows for a PVP system in which the strongest player wins, not the richest. Use this server to test your strategy that you want to adopt in the regular server, or use it to maximize your card game experience without investing a lot of money.
However, I also understand that without the monetary incentives, the motivation is low Therefore, we implement the following

    1. “ELO” with a small prize pool
      7days/7days/30days, whatever the duration is We will divert the current system and have a small prize pool competition, the difference will be it will going to be a real time PVP assuming that the player number of this version will be large to host matching during any time of the day. No fees, Low cost, Decent earning opportunity.
  • 2.“Surprise!” after each win.
    Hosting a tournament only reward system will not compensate for the vast majority of players who aren’t be scoring high in the system. Whenever people wins a full fight without skipping, they will have a chance to be rewarded with generous amount of XWG tokens or even NFTs, like equipment. EXP props that can be used in the regular server etc… Again, low initial cost, no fees, just opportunities.

Again, similar concept with the V1 folk, a server that allow users to experiment with strategies and also a chance to win something out of every 10th stage cleared in the chapter. if I’m not wrong, there will be a PVP going to be implemented in the future too and the same ELO concept for V1 folk can be applied here.

Thanks for reading! I believe the solution above will do a healthy reset of our current ecosystem and attracts more new users into the community who actually plays the game and also a bigger investors to join for staking purposes, higher overall value to our “real NFTs” as a result of 470k cards leaving from the equation.

Personal favorite of the thread
Thanks @Tidus , your opinion is always wonderful! appreciate your support

  • The value of the project’s assets must be promoted, also understanding that there are people who will not be able to enter if the threshold is too high

If you do not play, the cards do not receive anything for staking, this also serves another very interesting purpose: scholarships, this actively encourages all cards to circulate and be used.

This stamina/pool system would only apply to common cards. The rest would continue to function normally.
Or even, if you wanted to encourage big investors, you could make the higher rarity cards that have been played and accumulated stamina get a x2 x3 x4 mining bonus depending on their charge.

Thanks for reading, cheers!


You guys talking from active player side, I’m passive player, I dont have time to play the game and I enjoyed staking cards for passive income.

I buy all my cards with xwg and keep compounding the profit buying another cards, if you want to remove staking or make it harder to do it, seem really unfair.

My suggestion is stop the airdrop for free cards, if new player want to try to play and learn dream card, they can see spoiler youtube or buy 1 common card doesnt hurt them. Airdrop only hurt the projects and make value down.
I agree with idea about airdrop cards can’t use in staking too.

I’m sure there is a lot passive player like me in here which is support the project by buying cards and just stake them in the pool, by the way the pool prize is not much for full common so no worries it will not affect the xwg price so much, but the airdrop abuser will.

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That’s the point, and a lot of statements here point on that. Focus should be that people are playing. Active players are the part of the community that are needed the most, specially in such an early stage. Game circulation and usage brings stability in the value.

With Bounty Hunter Season you reached that already in a staking form…perhaps it would also make sense in a playing form, like ELO season but only selected cards are valid. Or a changing meta for this season. In combination with a dynamic staking pool (dispatch single cards, lower fees, only standard hash rate, no bonus) to store temporary your cards, this would perhaps encourage people to hold more cards and not sell instant after the season.