We want your suggestions about Common cards utility

This is the best idea that I read so far. Only today that I knew that 470k of card’s current supply came from AIRDROP!!
Abuser will get rekt and wont be able stake their cards directly in any pool.

But the cons is, the ones who bought from the marketplace doesn’t know that the cards came from airdrop will also be affected. But still, I love the idea.


Community concerns about Common card arises because, “privileges on common cards more than other rarity cards (Rare, Epic, Legend, and Myth)”, Why?

  • You can staking common cards in the pool and can experience the same hashrate as a myth card with a low budget, and low risk (other rarity cards have a greater risk of price drops due to lack of demand)

  • You can use common cards to play in V2, even up to part 5? WOW… that’s enough, because in the next part you will only waste lot of money to get a reward which is only equivalent to 2x, or 3x compared to that part, it’s better to create 6 accounts with common card to get a reward equivalent to part 7, or 8. why be motivated to the next part if by creating multiple accounts with cheap cards you can get almost equal rewards?

Be aware bro, you are wasting a lot of XWG supply for spammers not potential user… and you sacrificed a lot of supporters for that.

So how to solve the problem?

  • Significantly reduce the reward for staking common cards compare to other rarity cards, and add privileges for other rarity cards

  • motivate new users to become loyal players, how? add more reward specially on V2 (high parts like 7,8,or ++ where is the XWG spender place). XWG spenders who upgrade equipment or cards, and buy rare/epic/legend/myth cards tend to play for a long time, they are loyal players who support this project. So don’t just target new players, but increase loyal players and take care of them…!

the point is, Common cards utility is useless if you don’t solve the problem with it… I think a common card utility that can help to solve the problem is:

Allow common cards to be turned into EXP to upgrade other rarity cards with certain terms and conditions

  • Only same character that can be used to do it, example: Quin common to upgrade EXP of Quin rare
    it’ll help to save rarity of a character (total cards of quin epic and legend will save because only a character that can be used to upgrade their card)

  • As well as stars from common cards, it can be used to upgrade EXP of GEN, if it’s same as the character of card that you want to upgrade

These two ways can make it easier for new or old users to upgrade their rarity card, it’s a good deal right?

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Hello everybody,

A little preamble to start my analysis on the subject of community cards.

As has been mentioned previously in certain messages, it is first of all important to remember certain things about this, so let’s start at the beginning.

Where do they come from?

As some here have been able to demonstrate, a large majority of common cards essentially come from the “newbie airdrop”, it’s no longer a secret…

Cards from binance boxes are not affected by this airdrop, so we can consider that all common cards from these boxes are “legitimate” (including for example the characters: Bell, Camilla, Sasha, Smego, Aidara, etc …) This distinction is very important, and you will understand why.

Vast subject, and I will try to answer it point by point with precision:

Regarding the “newbie airdrop”:

Just create a new wallet to get a common card randomly when connecting to the V1 of Dream Card, no prerequisites needed, and only requires a cost in BNB, which therefore brings absolutely no liquidity to the project .

Regarding staking:

At first glance, one might think that the bonuses conferred by teams consisting only of common cards are much more interesting than staking cards of rare or higher values: this is true for both pools.

The constitution of the teams necessary for staking, two out of three teams are made up only of basic characters, available thanks to the “newbie airdrop”, it is a godsend precisely for all those who have abused it, since without having paid a single XWG token, they find themselves with the power to literally drain tokens from the pool.

how to solve this problem in the short term? Nothing could be simpler: each team of characters required to obtain a bonus just needs to be made up of at least a few characters from “binance mystery boxes”.

The advantages will be many:

-These cards will gain in value, including on the binance platform, which will therefore increase the transactions of these cards and therefore bring liquidity to the project.

-To be able to stake their teams, players will be forced to purchase native XWG tokens to pay for these cards in the internal market.

-The cards of “binances mystery box” being much less numerous than those available thanks to the “newbie airdrop”, the exploiters will find themselves with a significant quantity of cards from which they will not be able to derive any benefit.

-the APR of the staking pools will increase, as well as the price of the token, since one of the major pillars of selling pressure will be heavily damaged, and a double hit since it will also add buying pressure.

-This hotfix can be deployed immediately!

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


Hey, greetings!
And finally, we can discuss something really important for the project, we have been waiting for this.
So, lets go!
First, let’s take a general look at the concept of a common card and its role in the ecosystem.

  1. Why do players need them?

First of all, comon cards are needed for players who just want to try out xwg products, and take their first steps in the game, and also for players with low starting budgets. So the cards themselves should remain unchanged in terms of their game stats.

  1. Ways to receive common and value.

I think it’s important for you to make an important decision here.
We all know that Airdrop is a great opportunity to attract new players and in general it is a very friendly system, which in no case should be neglected, however, some changes are indispensable here.
-First and perhaps most importantly, any generation of passive income from common AIRDROP cards MUST BE STOPPED, immediately. As fast as possible.
Why is it important and why only airdrop cards?
Look guys, we all know that most of the cards received through the Airdrop are not mined by new players, and most of them are used by existing players for abuse, which completely destroys the whole original airdrop idea.Therefore, they simply generate free value, which affects both the exchange rate of the coin itself, as well as the cost of common cards too.
You need to make a division of the common cards. The first type, classic comon cards that players got from mystery boxes, all the functions of these cards should be exactly the same as now, without any changes.The SECOND TYPE OF COMMON CARDS SHOULD BE “AIRDROP COMMON CARD” . You can make a mark on them exactly the same as, for example, on Genesis cards, which would distinguish them both in the marketplace and in the regular game.
With them, you can do everything the same as with regular cards (play, exchange, sell through the marketplace, etc.) Except for one important BUT! Airdrop type cards are not eligible to participate in any possible way of passive income such as expedition, Bounty hunter, X-pool and whatever else you come up with.


Common cards (From Airdrop) can be used in the X-Collector pool. The base hashrate of such a card is zero. Only upgrades count. There can be no more than two Airdrop cards in one team, otherwise the Bond effect does not work. So you can please those players who used their Airdrop cards later, and completely beat off the hands of abusers.

This way you will be able to please all types of players. Beginners will look at the gameplay and think about possible investments or not. Old people will be able to breathe freely without worrying about sharing their income with a bunch of abusers and cheaters.
After all, in fact, the system of rewards in Bountyhunter is done very fairly, and the income received from comon cards should be the same (after all, there are more than 88% of such cards). The problem starts in the place where these cards can be obtained for next to nothing, which of course spoils everything.


Do not even think about introducing this feature for Airdrop cards, it will devalue all other card rarities so quickly that you will not have time to understand anything, its not a joke. Project is officially R.I.P from here

Just a small list of positive changes

-Classic Common Card value is increased(Normal common cards have meaning and value again, like a Betty, Sakura, Camilla common cards and etc)
-APR from Bounty Hunter and X-Pool is increase a lot(!) , and the way to get rewards will become more complicated. (The value of the cards will increase, which again will give fresh air to the value of the token and the ecosystem as a whole.)
Look at how the value of cards has decreased now, it is simply not interesting to buy new ones, since most of the pool is already overloaded with abusers, and holding for a long time looks completely unattractive.

How long will the team feed the abusers by dragging us into this? (Hey, hello, expedition V1 have the 1.200.000 Value for Now. Tell me what type of cards have not yet been pulled out of there?) Or perhaps the team itself is clogging the pools, pumping money out of the players? Why do such simple things come to the mind of individual players, and not the whole development team, we have been tolerating this since the summer


Thanks for bringing out more data and some ideas also Spotter, the only thing I would discuss is the part about “tagging” airdrop cards and normal box common cards, the idea itself it’s really good, but it has a pretty bad part that could lead to several frustrations because if you have been a legit player that came without any idea about this issue, you may have some of those cards in the pocket. I do personally support it but it will be hard for some.

That’s why my ideas are kinda more neutral on this matter, you can’t blame a GAME project that wants you to play and reward you for that. As far I’m aware even some mythical holders decided to sell their cards to go common. (I will never personally do that)

Well they can go ahead with their strategy, but will have to play or lend those cards.
Also the stamina system with staking attached would have an instant effect on the market since they will no longer be staking until the cards are charged, so this means almost a year of people playing if they wanna stack and gain something.

We gotta support all ideas that promote investing and added value, it’s really clear at this point that common cards are not giving value at all because there are too many exploited. And we should not reward them as much it’s been happening, but since they are a low key entrance, promote their use.

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Thanks for bringing out more data and some ideas also Spotter, the only thing I would discuss is the part about “tagging” airdrop cards and normal box common cards, the idea itself it’s really good, but it has a pretty bad part that could lead to several frustrations because if you have been a legit player that came without any idea about this issue, you may have some of those cards in the pocket. I do personally support it but it will be hard for some.

Not so scary considering that to continue in the same spirit means the complete collapse of the entire gaming economy. Here we will already be upset by the whole community, or am I wrong?

This thread entirely is itself the true sentiment of the community, who really cares about the project, not people that randomly go into trashtalking at telegram making noise, which indeed gives us further strengh to take hard measures on this matter.

There are more neutral solutions like I’ve brought(because I think the leaders of the project would always aim or try to make changes that do less impact), other harder one’s but overall any change is gonna bring some hate on, now is on Team’s hand.

You can also see, the Team wants also to create a higher floor since the latest Binance Box didn’t have any common.

By the way. @J0UINSS8 @edwin_xwg @Poluch @XWG_Spotter , a DAO vote would not represent by any means the community support, sentiment or decision. Comments will. You should be aware of Card holders that have tons of XWG on those decks that cannot use those cards to vote, because the system isn’t prepared for that.
I’m pretty sure a Gen3 alone can literally flip any vote decision right now. If you wanna see a more precise DAO, card decks should be able to use their power.

I believe common cards coulbe recycled to increase quality to others cards but not rarity, also if this is implemented to be able to do it on 1.0 interface and 2.0 too.

I think common cards in this case is not the most important topic at the moment.

Much more important is the stable and profitable price of the XWG token. The number of active players directly depends on the current price of the token. Nobody will play P2E if they play at a disadvantage. ))

I propose to take the following steps to stabilize and grow the price of the XWG token:

  1. Implement the sale of inventory on the internal Marketplace for XWG and for BNB. At the same time, cancel the commission when buying inventory for XWG.

  2. Introduce differentiated commissions for buying tickets and for opening chests in DC2 for those players who have a certain amount in the XWG token on their wallet account.

  • From 100 xwg - commission 90%

  • From 500 xwg - commission 80%

  • From 1000 xwg - commission 70%

  • From 2000 xwg - commission 60%

  • From 3000 xwg - commission 50%

  • From 4000 xwg - commission 40%

  • From 5000 xwg - commission 30%

  • From 6000 xwg - commission 20%

  • From 7000 xwg - commission 10%

  • From 8000 xwg - commission 0%

  1. Players constantly need BNB to pay fees. Most players are forced to sell their XWG to buy BNB.

I propose to add Token Pool - XWG/BNB for BNB token farming. In this case, the XWG selling pressure on the market will drop significantly.


That would be awesome!

I should agree with this +1



Hello everyone.

  1. You need to do something with the pool fee. Now it is very large, you need to pay 0.02546248 BNB for 20 cards. This is a lot, very much.
    Alternatively, you can take a commission not in BNB, but in XWG, which will force people to buy a token and burn it.
    And I would also like to reduce this commission at least 2 times, otherwise it’s really a lot. Moreover, this commission in BNB now does not give anything useful for the game.

  2. Now there are already a lot of different cards in the game that are constantly replenished from the Mystery Box on Binance.
    It’s probably enough to produce endless cards already, as this all leads to the depreciation of the entire game market.
    It is clear that everyone wants to make a lot of money, but this approach will kill the game in the future.
    Already now people have stopped buying Mystery Box on Binance, because it already looks like an endless conveyor that does not bring any benefit, but only brings losses.

  3. New ways of burning XWG are needed. The problem is not in the number of Common cards, but in the fact that there is nowhere to spend XWG and this leads to the depreciation of everything.
    Someone doesn’t want to spend XWG on Common cards, that’s why we came to this situation.

The game urgently needs changes, otherwise we will soon come to what is happening now in axie infinity
We urgently need additional XWG burning!!!

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I think we should use them to level up rarer cards like we did with equipment

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I agree with you completely, however tagging every single of the airdrop cards now will have several repercussions. When people are buying cards on the market, they do not know the source of the cards, and using this method can invalidate most people’s investment. A solution to this can be that 25/50/75/100 ( choose a number) common cards in a wallet stay as they are, and not marked as “airdrop cards” , and beyond that they can be marked. One issue that would arise is that the airdrop abusers will then shift their commons to a different wallet, for which as of now, I do not have a solution for.
Combination of Common cards → Higher rarities is a good idea, but something needs to be done for the airdrop abusers first, and then this can be discussed.

I think combined to create higher rarity NFTs is better option.

separate “air-drop cards” from “regular cards.” All airdrop cards are recorded in one smart contract, albeit with different inflow channels. It is very easy to tag these and put a logo for them(like genesis, thanks giving and Christmas cards) to make it easily distinguishable to the user’s eye.
Staking will still be available for the “regular cards” without any system changes , and for the air dropped cards, users will be able to convert them into a regular cards(removing the tag) by adding substantial amount of experience points(100XWG is a sweetspot id say because the current minimum hashrate bonus common card gets is 190xwg 150from quality bonus and 40from chaos elemental bonus, 10random common cards will secure these to each of one in the team). Don’t count “Airdropped cards” into the 1,000,000 mint and stop the conversion option when we are reaching close to this number.

the bolded part in my original post kinda includes a solution for this too, right now people are paying 15 xwg(1common) to secure 238minimum hasrate(with quality bonus and elemental bonus, way more if consider combination bonus) that flattened all the high rarity card’s value to the ground. Them not knowing these prices are the effect of the airdrop or not, it doesn’t change the reality that these cards provide way too much staking value for what they’re being sold.
so make it simple, XWG inflow is needed before monetizing them, without all these 470k cards staked at once, pool’s APR won’t be this low and players who actually spent w/e amount to convert these air dropped card will still be making profits.
Even if the threshold for conversion process is 100xwg worth exp added, common card will still have 2.5x hashrate than to what it is in bounty hunter pool.


I have a few ideas to contribute:

  • Dream card V1 :
    _ We can use the reward multiplier mechanism depending on the rarity of the card. Example: Common 1.0, Rare 1.2, epic 1.5, legendary 2.0, Myt 3.0
    _ To optimize this mechanism, I think it is advisable to divide the matches into 3 groups that are completely independent of each other. For example: (Common + Rare), (Epic + Legendary) and Myt will only confront Myt
    _ The number of times that a strong card can be used is no longer dependent on the rarity, but will be replaced by the character’s class and possibly the skill of a certain character.
    _ There should be effects when the team has Bond, not simply increasing the stats, it’s too boring.
  • Dream card V2 :
    _ If you need to maintain the gas fee in BNB to increase the value of the project on the BSC network or meet a certain quota of BNB transaction volume, then keep the fee. We just need to make the reward higher than the gas fee and it will be fine ^^ .
    _ If there are no constraints, a gas fee of xwg is of course better, but I think currently we are not strong enough to do it.
    _ Should increase the selling price of the equipment box or reduce the occurrence rate of Legend and Myt equipment (I like to do both).
    _ Apply the reward multiplier mechanism for both Cards and equipment, but for additional rewards such as: lottery tickets, equipment, adventure tickets, boss tickets, tickets to events booked something special (I’m thinking of lands ^^ ) … If using this mechanism I think the drop rate in parts of the game should be adjusted or removed to avoid reducing the value of the item. reward.
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After reading comments above, I realized it wasn’t the best idea afterall.

*There is no sense of buying rare cards if it is cheaper to merge common cards to mint rare.

*But if the cost of minting rare cards is higher than the rare’s price in the market, it would be nonsense coz someone would buy directly in the market instead of merging commons.

Lots of ideas above. I love this thread :heart::heart::heart:

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i believe the combine and burn as exp function was only feasible if not 471k cards were air dropped in the first place. Just not going to workout with already caused imbalances in cost:acquisition of value disparity between common cards and the rest.