X Pool Launches $XWG Boost!

$XWG Staking is Now Live!

Hi X World Fam,

Today, We are excited to announce our newest Pool Program in 2022: $XWG Boost for $XWG token lovers.

$XWG Boost:

:fast_forward: Duration: 1 year

:alarm_clock: Starting Time: 2022/1/21st

:alarm_clock: Finish Time:2023/1/20th

First, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up, and then we’ll share tips on how to generate passive income while holding $XWG tokens.

Getting Started

Step 1: Let’s jump into the Pool site and find $XWG Boost,

:warning: Make sure that you have $XWG tokens in your wallet before getting started!

Step 2: Choose a Period to Stake your $XWG token

:warning: Please read the Staking Rules and tick the box to stake

Step 3: Click “Stake” and it’s all done! Now your $XWG tokens are farming more $XWG tokens for you!


The earning rate has been upgraded! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Happy Staking :stuck_out_tongue:

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@administration Team: Can it be that the gas fee is too high preseted? I have to pay 0.36 BNB on metamask (BSC) for staking 800 xwg’s. Please let me know - thank you! Regards Suny