Staking is prepared to return to the XWG ecosystem after a brief sabbatical.
They can’t wait to introduce some new procedures that go along with the resurgence of their new staking pools and to explain the function that LUCID will serve in our staking system.
In their brand-new Play-to-Earn-to-Stake (P2E2S) tokenomics, X Pool will also have a significant impact.
They are really thrilled to be discussing their intentions with the XWG community since they think this will be the next big trend in furthering the convergence between GameFi and DeFi.

Staking Pools & Storage

The same pools may be staked with any eligible cards.
Transferring your cards to the Card Warehouse is a must before you can stake them.


As long as the staking pool is open and available, players are free to stake their cards whenever they choose up until the conclusion of the staking period.
Each of the three staking times has an own gateway for accessing the staking pool.
Players may stake their cards for the following:

7 days

14 days

30 days

Based on the staking period you choose, the LUCID needed to stake your card is determined.
LUCID is required increasingly as the staking time lengthens.

The length of your staking term will also affect your stake’s ROI, with 30 days producing the highest return, followed by 14 days, and then 7 days
A discounted hashrate will be used to determine these rewards.

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