X World Games: Coming Soon Updates in May

Big Change, Big Improvement

X World Games: Coming Soon Updates in May

Wehave previewed to our community lots of new projects, game updates, tokenomics, and mechanisms this April. As we have mentioned, P2E2S will be coming soon, and we did a sneak peek of the new v3 game and VR Dream Girls, which are in the works! However, we want to let you know which changes you can expect for the month of May, and we want to preview to the Community what exciting things we are bringing you!

Now let’s share what you can expect in May:

Dream Card v1: Ragnarök (Closed Beta)

We will be introducing a new ELO season to Dream Card v1. Invited players through our Twitter announcement will be testing the new game mode in preparation for its launch. Ragnarök will be a 3-month season where players can battle it out to earn even bigger rewards!

New V1 Mode: Ragnarök

V2 Project Vapor: Reduced Gas Fees!

We will take another step towards tackling one of the biggest problems our players have been facing, GAS FEES. Ticket Fees, Treasure Box Functions, Talent Backpack, and Lottery Box overhaul will all experience game updates to counteract this problem. We are excited to deliver this to our community and improve our gameplay rewards systems to protect our players.

v2: Project Vapor

XWG Mystery Box: Closing Soon

Our existing Mystery Box on the official X World Games website will close soon! The Mystery Box will no longer be available at all times. We will only be opening it up for specific events and limited-time offerings.

LUCID: New Dream Card rewards and tokenomics

In May, we will fully move over to LUCID. The LUCID will replace the XWG token and become the new primary play-to-earn reward asset in the X World Games ecosystem. LUCID will be crucial to our new Play-to-Earn-to-Stake (P2E2S) economy. LUCID will be fully supported for buying and trading on the X Marketplace. Reminder: LUCID will be the P2E rewards asset exclusively for Dream Card v1 and v2. New games released will be released with a different tokenomics system.

LUCID: Super, Magic, Basic

X Pool: Zero Out

Since we are now moving to our new Play-to-Earn-to-Stake (P2E2S) game tokenomics, there will be a short period that XWG earning in X Pool will remain closed and players will be getting LUCID (so the best time to stock up on that LUCID wink wink). Don’t panic, we will officially re-open the first X Pool that will use the new model with LUCID very soon. LUCID will be the primary asset necessary to be consumed to stake in the new XWG Pools system.

XWG Fellowship Program: NFT Lease-to-Earn

We will be introducing our new Fellowship program: NFT Lease-to-Earn, allowing players to borrow or lend their NFTs to other players. We believe that this will enable players to optimize their unused cards and allow all levels of players to earn as well.

XWG Fellowship Program: NFT Lease-to-Earn

Dream Card Fusion and Evolution: Card Crafting

Fusion and Evolution will be launched as our two new card crafting mechanisms, and they will be involved with mainly consuming LUCIDs for Evolution and SHARDS for Fusion. More details will be announced once the designs are finalized.

XWG New P2E2S Flow

Dream Girls and Hero v3…


May is set to be a busy month for the X World Games team and Community! We appreciate the patience and understanding of how hard we work to bring you the newest and best gameplay updates and mechanisms. We will follow up with another update when the dates are concreted.

So stay tuned! New games, new VR content, and more are also in the works to release this year!


From now on you can imagine a daily “Is it May already?” from my side :star_struck:


It will come sooner than you expected :scream_cat:

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What would I do in extracted gas in v2 game??? should I stack more than I have now? what is the gas function anyway???

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I can’t extract GAS also. It is poor than oldder version.
I almost loss my patience to play this poor game.

The team is working on the fix, should get it resolved.

No worries!

@edwin_xwg Could you please be so nice and upload us a higher scaled picture of the flow chart? It seems that it’s not readable…at least for me :rofl:

of cuzzz! :stuck_out_tongue:

check our gitbook link:

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Thank you very much! :v: