X World Games: Game Hub Launch

Play Casual Mini-Games to Earn $XWG

X World Games: Game Hub for Mini-Games

What’s Game Hub?

Game Hub is XWG’s casual mini-game center.

Game Hub provides great fun without the complicated game-play mechanisms that could be demanding, it even comes with one-hand mode!

XWG’s Game Hub mini-games are ideal for your time confetti as they are not only easy to play and small in size, but also beneficial as they are designed to generate XWGs as with the accumulated playtime.

Where to Play?

You can find Game Hub through XWG’s official link: X WORLD GAMES


Access it directly from the Google Play store link:

Game Hub - Apps on Google Play

How to Earn $XWG?

After installing and opening the app, enter the “Welfare” section and follow the prompts to complete the “Benefits” corresponding tasks to earn the corresponding reward points.

The system will then exchange the accumulated reward points obtained in the previous day to $XWG before 2:00 PM the next day.

Please follow instructions on “My Wallet” to set up your withdrawal and received wallet address.

Instructions for Withdrawal:

  1. The amount of $XWG withdrawn each time shall not be less than 20, and the maximum shall not exceed 2,000 $XWG;
  2. Each user can withdraw $XWG only once a day:
  3. The $XWG is generally received within 3–5 working days after withdrawal.